My Husband Betrayed Me So Hard That I Almost Died, Now Everything Blew Up in His Face

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2 weeks ago

Karma is a thing that some people believe in, and others are skeptical about. Our today’s heroine is a woman, who might have never thought about any revenge or life boomerangs, but her life has proven to her that justice comes at the end in many cases. The lady was betrayed by her husband, and it took a toll on her wellbeing and health, but she told us how her husband tasted his own medicine and appeared to be lonely and miserable in the end.

The woman told about her failed relationship, and it was painful for her.

Anna, 34, has recently sent a letter to our editorial and told us her story. She said that her unfortunate relationship took a massive toll on her, but she witnessed how the effect of boomerang worked when her beloved husband betrayed her.

The woman opened her letter, saying, «My ex-husband and I were together since middle school. We have four daughters, who are now in their teens. He was a stay-at-home dad and worked part-time for most of his life until our youngest was in middle school. One day, I agreed to invest in some passion project business of his. I gave him an eye-watering amount of money, after he persuaded me that this was everything that he needed for starting a really profitable company with one of his friends.»

Anna goes on, sharing some unpleasant details about the further destiny of her investment. She wrote, «The first thing that my husband did when he got this money from me, was hiring a receptionist. He then started an affair with her and she became pregnant. He later claimed that she baby trapped him. But it didn’t matter for me at that time, I was totally broken by this incident and literally felt half-dead, half-alive after this shocking betrayal. Now, they’re still living together and have a little son.»

Anna’s pain was immeasurable, but her husband’s imaginary happiness didn’t last long, too.

Anna goes on with her story, saying, «I went to the therapy and I literally lived on antidepressants for quite a long time. I was recovering from the fact that he almost robbed me, taking my money, then cheated on me and had a side child, and the recovery was very painful and really slow.»

And there were news from her husband, whose relationship with the secretary was not that amazing as he had imagined. Anna wrote, «She resented him very quickly, because she had a feeling that she was fooled. This girl saw my husband as a successful business owner who had an amazing car, nice clothes, was taking her to nice places etc. She sincerely believed that he was rich, when in fact, he was just spending my money on arranging that illusion of him being rich and super-successful.
The secretary got pregnant on purpose, and, as my ex-husband said to our mutual friends, she admitted it straightforwardly. She was hoping to use my ex to be able to not work for the rest of her life, and she also wanted him to sponsor her family from overseas.»

Anna clarified some things about her wealth, saying, «Well, actually my family and I are rich people. We had multiple homes, all bought for the money of my parents.»

But her ex-husband and his mistress couldn’t get anything from Anna’s family and her. The woman wrote, «None of our multiple homes were actually registered in our names. Our whole life, things were arranged in a way that we actually were ’renting’ from my parents and paying them just a nominal fee. My ex expected that these homes would be left to him after my parents’ death. But he eventually left our marriage only with his savings (~20K) and his personal property and a small car. He soon lost his business due to lack of further investments, and he was really broken.»

The cheating husband is now living the life he totally deserves.

Anna wrote, «My ex once called me and tried to pour his heart out. He said that he felt like a complete fool. He thought the secretary loved him, and at the beginning he just couldn’t believe the interest a young lady showed in him. But she was incredibly persistent, and he said that she pursued him strongly. Now he complains that she has no feelings for him, no care or desire.»

Anna’s ex deeply regretted his affair, but it was too late. Anna wrote, «In that conversation between us, he said that he deeply regretted that he gave up his entire life for what he now understood was an ego trip. He said that he loved me, and still does. But of course, I have an empty heart for him and I told him that there’s no way back.»

Anna revealed that now both her ex and his mistress are in a place they just didn’t imagine. She wrote, «They both are living in a messy old apartment with an old man and his mistress still has to work. My ex has lost our kids, my love, his family, his lifestyle, his business, and it’s all 100% his own fault. They’re still together because they have a son. And he once confessed that he even doesn’t trust her with their son.
His mistress would not agree to give him full custody, and she’s a bad mother. My ex confessed that he would be worried about his kid’s safety and the people that his girlfriend would surround him with.»

The man even lost his kids because of his affair with his secretary.

Anna wrote, «I have never said a bad word to our kids about their dad, even after he betrayed me so badly. He has always been an incredibly involved father. Most of their lives, he worked 2–3 days a week and then stayed home with the kids the rest of the days. He was even closer to them than I was, but it’s been over 2 years since this betrayal happened, and our kids and him are still making no headway in their relationship.»

The woman added, «All four of them feel so betrayed, and they blame their dad for breaking up our happy family. I think he deserves the blame, it’s his fault, but I tried and did my best for them all to reunite, but it didn’t happen. Their dad can’t change the past, and I told this to our kids multiple times. But all they want for now is that their dad respects their boundaries and doesn’t approach them.»

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He's only sorry cos he has no money otherwise he'd stay with the secretary who's just as bad as him .


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