A Man Accidentally Ruined His Brother’s Wedding With a WhatsApp Message

9 months ago

Let no one say that drama-filled weddings only happen in soap operas. While such things may be an entertaining moment for the guests, the bride and groom may not have such a good time. In this case, it was a simple message that unleashed the storm.

I was not present because of the family of my brother’s wife. He sent me an invitation because he wanted me to go, but his wife told him I couldn’t attend because I have a boyfriend, and I’m a man. In fact, I’m bisexual, and I have a boyfriend who I planned to bring as a plus one to the wedding.

My sister-in-law said that although she and my brother had no problem with me attending, her family was extremely religious and would probably kick us out of the wedding and cause drama between our families.

My brother was the one who told me that she was right and that it would be better if I didn’t go. But that didn’t bother me; it actually made me feel relieved. I hate going to big events where there are a lot of people because I have social anxiety.

I told them I would not go and asked them if my brother had explained why I wasn’t attending. I didn’t feel there was any reason to lie to them, so I explained exactly what had transpired.

Since I wasn’t at the party, I don’t know what happened after my parents got my message because they read it but didn’t respond. Also, I didn’t think they cared much: they hadn’t noticed I wasn’t there until almost the end of the reception. But well, apparently, my parents talked to my brother, and suddenly my absence was the main topic of the wedding.

It is very surreal to me that I was happily at home with my partner while all this drama was going on at the wedding. The reception was ruined, and my brother just showed up at my front door and started yelling at me for creating such a huge disaster.

After he finished complaining, I told him that I didn’t mean to ruin things and that I had just explained to our parents what had happened because they wanted to know why I wasn’t at the wedding. Besides, I thought he had already told them.

He yelled at me again that I had ruined everything. I told him that he couldn’t blame me for the fact that he hadn’t been honest with my parents. I had only respected his decision and didn’t know things would end up like this.

There are other awkward or unfair situations that end up bringing family grudges to the table.

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