15+ Wedding Stories That Every Guest in Attendance Surely Remembers

2 years ago

Many people who’ve gone through the tough process of preparation for a wedding know the unbelievable amount of time and effort that goes into it. According to the specialists, it takes from 200 to 300 hours of work for the couples to do everything on their own, which is equal to a whopping 20-38 days of working full-time. Still, despite all the efforts, big events like this rarely go exactly as planned.

We at Bright Side strongly believe that true love inevitably wins in the end, and all the things that go wrong just turn into good stories with time, so here are some examples from internet users.


“Had a friend that didn’t know she was the bride until she was halfway down the aisle. Her parents had arranged a marriage for her and had told her that it was her cousin’s wedding. When they arrived, her father takes her arm, and they start walking up the aisle. It isn’t until they’re halfway up that she stops and realizes everyone is looking at her and smiling.

She turned to one of her aunts in the pew next to her and asked them who was getting married.
The whole church went silent, and then the aunt looked at my friend’s father and said, ‘You can’t be serious! You planned a wedding for your daughter and just expected her to go along with it?!’
She pulled my friend into the pew, and they both ran out of the church.” © QuintinTheKitten / Reddit



“They bought an apple orchard after leaving the city to live a simpler life... and really doubled down on the apple theme. Apples everywhere: on the tables, in baskets all around the venue, on the podium where they got married, in every dish for the reception, etc. The cake was shaped like an apple. It was really bizarre.” © Corporate-Asset-6375 / Reddit

“I’m guessing no doctors attended the wedding.” © Trevor-On-Reddit / Reddit



“So this guy Matt and the bride had dated for a while a few years ago, but had remained good friends after, and he was invited to the wedding. The ceremony starts, but there’s no sign of Matt. We get to the ‘does anyone have any objections’ part, and the church goes quiet, then the heavy wooden door to the church door bangs open and there is Matt.

Everyone thinks, ‘Oh no!’ but Matt limped awkwardly to a pew in the back and sat down quietly. Turned out, he’d overslept and twisted his ankle running to the church, that was all — so no objection, no drama, but we all thought for a second it was going to kick off. My friend and the bride even saw the funny side, about 3 months later.” © WiredAndTeary / Reddit



“Someone I know went to a wedding where the bride ran out on the groom twice. The first time, she ran away right before the rehearsal started. You would think the guy would’ve gotten the message the first time around, but no. So the second time she left him right at the altar.” © Messisfoot / Reddit



“A buddy of mine told me about a speech he witnessed his cousin give. Basically, the best man got all flustered, didn’t know what to say, and he ended up congratulating my friend (who was not the groom, mind you) on being accepted into the University of Michigan.” © Ajiatrow / Reddit



“The Best Man and Maid of Honor were married to each other. Best Man’s speech was all about how hard it was to be married. ‘I’ve been married for a year, and it feels like 100 years.’ Maid of Honor stands up to give a speech and just says ‘Ditto.’ It was so awkward.” © designgoddess / Reddit



“Had a buddy whose girlfriend told him that if he smashed the cake in her face, it was O-V-E-R. She told him at least 10 times in my presence. She fed him his piece, he smashed it in her face, so she walked out and had the marriage annulled.” © dramboxf / Reddit



“A woman I briefly dated was a runaway bride. On her wedding day, her dad was having a conversation with her in the ready room and got concerned. She was mid-sentence when he stood up and said, ‘Let’s go to Dairy Queen’ out of the blue. She took a second, agreed, and they left to go to DQ. They sat and talked for hours while her phone rang, and the battery died in the car.

Turned out, the groom was emotionally manipulative. She said she felt like a huge weight was lifted, and felt bad that her friends and family were waiting for her, but they would all understand later. He got his buddies to come and move all her stuff out the next day.” © faleboat / Reddit


Have you ever been to a wedding where something went wrong? What happened?

Preview photo credit QuintinTheKitten / Reddit


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