20+ Bright Side Readers Who Faced So Much Sass They Still Haven’t Come to Their Senses

3 years ago

Unfortunately, our world is full of bold neighbors who demand that you throw away your products from your own fridge to make a place for their food, employers who don’t pay salaries because you should be asking your parents for some money, and old ladies who want to get everything for free, even a house.

We at Bright Side are sure that if we can’t hide from these people, we should at least fight back. Before reading the article we recommend that you get into a relaxation pose because some of the stories from our compilation might cause an uncontrollable nervous tic.

  • When I gave birth to my kid, I met a neighbor whose daughter was 6 months older than mine. I thought we could become good friends and our kids would play together too. But our friendship didn’t happen. She would constantly ask me to look after her kid while she was scrubbing the floor, cooking dinner, and doing other household chores in her home. When I asked her to take care of my daughter so that I could do the same, the answer was always the same, “I don’t have time.” The situation reached its peak when my relatives who live abroad were here to visit me. My kid was sleeping and there were 3 pots on the stove with various dishes being cooked in them. At this moment, she asked me to go meet a courier at the entrance to our block because she didn’t want the doorbell to wake up her sleeping daughter. © Diana Geyzina / AdMe
  • I was buying greenery like dill, parsley, and cucumbers from one old lady who was selling her goods near a metro station. She would always accompany my purchases with the words, “Take them, sweetheart. Everything is from my garden, without any chemicals!” I had been enjoying these natural and organic products the whole summer until I met this lady at a larger market with 2 big bags of dill and cucumbers. © Lilia Gayvoronovskaya / facebook
  • Once we were having a renovation done in our apartment as a part of a TV show, so we didn’t see the workers at all. When we came back home and started to sort things out we found out that 2 cups had been broken, that the oven was covered with grease, and that there was someone’s dirty pot left inside it, several frying pans and pots that we had were missing. We called the organizers of the show and asked about the missing items, they replied, “The workers are saying they didn’t take anything and didn’t use anything, but they are asking that you give back their pot.” © Ksen / AdMe
  • A couple of years ago, I was returning home after visiting a zoo. It was hot and I bought ice cream. It cost $2 (this is important). A couple of young parents with their kid in a stroller (both were about 30 years old) were moving toward me. They stopped in front of me and asked with wide smiles on their faces, “Excuse me, could you please give us $6 so that we can buy ice cream for our kid?” I was shocked by this request. © Jelena / AdMe
  • I have a friend who I always give my old clothes to when I want to freshen up my wardrobe. Once, she almost started a tantrum in a shop because I wanted to buy a jacket in a mint color, while she was insisting on the same one in black. All because I would at some point give this jacket to her and she had been dreaming about having a black jacket this whole time. Since then, I’ve been giving my old clothes to thrift stores. © Marina Sedih / facebook
  • So there was a woman with a big dog waiting for someone. And there was a kid coming up to this dog who obviously intended on petting the animal. The pet owner stops the boy and asks his father to take his son away from the dog. The father gets angry and says that his kid really wants to pet the dog and that everything is fine because he was allowing him to do it. The owner says, “But I am not allowing your kid to pet my dog.” And the father says, “Come on, you can’t forbid something from a kid that is not yours.” © freken Bok / AdMe
  • There are a lot of trees on our neighbor’s territory and, as a result, many leaves that fall from them. Our neighbor almost never cleans them and the leaves are always blown over to our garden by the wind. I put up a fence and now all the leaves stay on her territory. Once, she complained to my wife about the whole situation and wondered whether we would like to buy her a wheelbarrow so that she could move the leaves away from her garden, explaining this request by having some financial issues at that moment. © Abadonna / AdMe
  • In the middle of the ’90s, my husband’s parents bought a house from one couple who was moving to a different city. The deal was done, the docs were signed, and his parents had settled into this house. After 6 months they get a call from former owners who said, “You know what?! We have consulted with our relatives and they said that we sold the house for a price that was too low. Please pay us 50% more of the overall price.” © Varvara Korol / AdMe
  • Once we gave the password to our Wi-Fi to our neighbors who asked us if we would share it for one day because their internet was down. Months later representatives of the internet company were doing some maintenance work in our home and recommended that we change the password. 5 minutes after changing it, our neighbors came over — their internet had stopped working and they asked for the new password. © Leentje / AdMe
  • Our friends were breeding St. Bernard dogs a while ago. Once, their neighbor with his friend and his 10-year-old son snuck into their garden and tried to steal a puppy. The puppy’s parents stood up for the pup and attacked the robbers. The owners came back just in time and saved the robbers. The robbers then went to the police and submitted a complaint, blaming the breeders. The police wondered what they were doing in the dogs’ house when the owners were absent. Their answer was, “We wanted to pet the dogs.” © Hishniy ZaIc / AdMe

One week, the men on the shop floor got a wage rise. When I asked the manager where my rise was, he said "You don't need one, you've got a husband to keep you". Strangely, I seemed to be brushed aside while an invisible stranger said in my voice "He doesn't work here, I do." I got my rise.

  • My partner and I were living in a municipal apartment that he was given by his work. At the same time, we were renting out my apartment. One year later, he brought his mother, who insisted that she stay in my apartment and that I give her the legal right to live there because she had sold her house and given all the money to her daughter. Now she needed shelter. I refused to let her live in my apartment, saying that I also had a daughter, and I reminded her that her son and I hadn’t even gotten married yet. Well, that was the end of my family life. © Svetlana Rjavaya / facebook
  • When my husband and I left our apartment to take care of his sick mother, we left the keys to our home with our neighbors and asked them to water my plants (I have a lot of them). When we came back, it turned out that many of my clothes, shoes, and dishes had gone missing. I made a list and there were about 30 missing items on it. Of course, I showed it to them and asked them to return all the things. The most upsetting thing is that there were silver cutlery items that my mother had given us for our wedding. They refused to return anything. © Rosaliya Ivanovna Antonova / facebook
  • This happened a very looooooong time ago, but I still remember it. Once my neighbor asked me to put 2 packs of her frozen dumplings in my freezer so that they wouldn’t defrost. After 10 minutes she brought a big tray with frozen products! I told her that there is not enough space for them because the freezer is not big and she replied, “Take your stuff out and put mine inside.” © Natalia Ermakova / facebook
  • Once when I was a teenager, I was on my way back home from my country house with a bucket of apricots. At one of the bus stops, 2 young women and a 5-year-old girl got on the bus. They saw me and told the girl in a whisper to go and take some apricots for herself. The girl walked up to my bucket and started to take a handful of apricots. I said that one should ask permission first and the women started to bully me a-la, “Are you so greedy that you can’t share with a child? It’s for the child!” I said that I wasn’t sneaking into their bags using the same words. They called me stingy and threw mashed apricots back into the bucket. © Alena Ratushnaya / facebook
  • Once, I was passing by a market. There were 2 women standing at the front gate and one of them had a full bag weighing about 45-55 pounds. The second woman asks her, “How are you going to carry the bag?” The first one replies, “This girl will help me,” grabs my hand and asks me to carry the bag to the corner, about 250 feet. I looked inside her bag and said that I liked apricots and that I would carry the bag for the 4 pounds she had in her bag. The woman let my hand free and called me boorish. That’s how I didn’t get apricots. © Victoria Frolova / facebook
  • In the ’90s, when our kids were little, we lived in a small town. Once our neighbor was visited by her grandson who was about 5 years old and who stayed for several days. It was winter and he had very thin boots, so he couldn’t go for a walk and kept looking at my boys from the window. I felt sorry for the boy because he looked very sad and took the new winter boots I had bought for my younger son and offered to let the boy use them to walk outside for a while, while he was staying at his granny’s. Everyone was happy. After the boy left his granny’s house, my neighbor kept silent about the boots. After a while, I saw another grandson of hers who lived in the same town wearing them. I told her that it was not good to behave like she did because I bought the boots for my kid. So I asked her to give the boots back. This neighbor stopped talking to us and proclaimed us to be her enemies. After one week, she brought us dirty boots and threw them from the doorstep into the house, having added that now her grandson has no boots to wear because of our greediness. After everything, we are the ones who turned out to be guilty. © Marina Alshanskaya / facebook
  • Once my friend came over to my house. On the way, she got caught in the rain and was totally soaked. She asked me to lend her some dry clothes. Since we were the same size, I found some jeans and a blouse for her. We agreed that she would give the clothes back to me the next time she visited me. She came the first time — no clothes, the second time — no clothes again...
    Later we had a get-together at her home for the New Year, and while helping her, I went to the kitchen, turned the faucet on, and heard water leaking under the sink. I looked down and saw my blouse instead of a rag under the leaking pipe. © Yulya Ladik / facebook
  • Once, a long time ago, I lent $100 to my friend. He promised to return the money once he got his first salary. After a little while, about 2 months, he started to earn money and invite girls to cafes and never remembered his debt to me. Once, at our common friend’s birthday, I reminded him that he had promised to return the money. His answer killed me. In a loud voice, to make sure everyone heard him he said, “OMG, you are so greedy! Can’t you live without that $100?” He never returned the debt. © Natalia Ivanenko / facebook
  • I used to work as a kindergarten teacher a little while ago. At one point I had to replace my colleague in her group. It was the first time I saw the kids in that group and their parents as well. In the evening one mother comes to the group and says, “I am going to the hospital for several days because I have an issue with my pregnancy. My husband works until 10 PM. How can you solve my problem?” So you understand me right? How can I solve HER problem? This statement made me furious. I answered that personally, I couldn’t solve it and that the kindergarten closes at 7 PM. The kids who are not picked up by their parents are given to police officers. I told her to figure out the options herself. Then this “sweet” woman (who I was technically meeting for the first time in my life) offers me a “wonderful” solution: to take her daughter to my home after 7 PM and bring her to their home by 10 PM. ©Igogoshenka / Pikabu
  • I hired my pregnant friend and, of course, I intended to make all legal payments connected with maternity leave. During her leave, she asked me to become her kid’s godmother. After a little while, when she was supposed to come back to work, I asked her to finish her maternity leave and start coming back into the office and doing her work. Otherwise, I told her she could leave the job. She said she wouldn’t be coming back, but that I would still have to transfer her salary to her bank card because she is taking care of my goddaughter (her kid). I fired her. She still calls me on every birthday of her kid and tries to set “the alimony” that I have to pay her as godmother. I try not to communicate and just ignore her. © Irina Vasilchikova / facebook

Do you have your own story about acts of boldness that might astound others? How did you react to it?

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