15+ People Who See Only Good Things in Life

2 years ago

If your parents are optimists, you have a chance of inheriting this feature from them. According to research, it is passed on in 25% of cases. But even if you weren’t born with the ability to look positively at the world, you can easily develop it by trying to focus on the lighter aspects of life and, if possible, by avoiding bad news and people who spread negativity.

We at Bright Side don’t know whether people from our compilation were born optimistic or whether they developed this feature over the years, but their stories definitely deserve attention.

  • Back when my husband and I were still dating we went to a local fair. The true requirement for any fair outing is a giant corn dog that you slather with mustard. So, as we’re getting our corn dogs and adding condiments, I walk over to the mustard pump. As I press down on the pump, nothing happens, so after checking to make sure it was not clogged, I pressed again. Mustard went everywhere. All over my favorite shirt, my jeans, my shoes, in my hair. Oddly enough mustard did not end up on the corn dog. I turned to my boyfriend and was just downtrodden. He took one look at me, gave me a little smile, and dunked his corn dog into his mustard. He then wiped the mustard across the front of his shirt and said, “There, we match now.” © Onlyifwe / Reddit

  • 30 years ago my neighbor in the countryside got a pacemaker installed. There was a 90-year-old man in the same hospital with him who was supposed to undergo the same surgery. While giving him the instructions, doctors explained to the old man that he will have to undergo the same surgery after 10 years because the device itself doesn’t last any longer than that. The old man replied to this quite seriously:
    — Does it mean I’ll have to visit you every 10 years? © Simplygreat / Pikabu

  • My grandfather worked as a boner/carver in a meat processing plant, so we always had huge pieces of meat in our fridge. Since Christmas in Ireland invariably means there should be a ham on the table, most butchers, even to this day, will have the facility to “pay in” on a ham and turkey to secure it for Christmas. On one particular Christmas Eve, my Grandmother set to the task of boiling the ham only to find it too big to fit in any of her pots. Even halving the ham wouldn’t work in this instance. Where would you get a new pot on Christmas Eve when all were in use for the same purpose? Granny’s solution was as ingenious as it is mental — the top loading twin tub washing machine. So in went the ham and that year we enjoyed washing machine ham. © Roibaird O Rian / Quora

  • It just so happened that my generation is the youngest in our block of flats. There are no more small kids running in the yard because everyone has moved to bigger cities. The good thing is that now I get all the cherries. I am a 26-year-old man. © Overheard / Vk

  • I was on my way home from a long trip and saw a young man walking along the road with a backpack on his back. I decided to give him a lift. The whole way he was telling me about his trip from the other side of the country that he covered on foot and without money. I wasn’t listening to him very attentively as I was driving, until the moment he mentioned the small town where I was actually from. But I couldn’t remember this guy. Suddenly it dawned on me:
    — Jack?
    He looked at me totally surprised:
    -You were my first desk-mate.
    That’s how I met my first friend. He was placed in a boarding school in the second grade because of his problematic parents. He had a hard life, but he wasn’t asking for help and kept a positive attitude toward life. I gave him some money at the railway station so that he could get home. He showed me that one should always keep their spirits up. © BardyEdwards / Pikabu

  • We were given a set of cups for our wedding. I was pregnant, we had a lot of other cups in use so I decided to not open the box. I thought, once I give birth to my child we will open it. After we had a child, I never had time to do it. And so here was the moment! I finally remembered this set and celebrated the 1-year anniversary of my divorce. What can I say? The cups are beautiful. © laborotioriya135 / Pikabu

  • I saw a funny scene the other day. I was on my way home from work and was passing by a house where an old lady and an old man live. On that day, they were brought a bunch of firewood. The lady was putting them in a trolley, bringing them to the old man, and the man was stacking them in the yard. Perhaps it’s because they were getting tired, but they started to have some fun. The man sat his wife on the trolley and started to give her a ride. She was jokingly scolding him and laughing at the same time. I slowed down the car to look at them more. I even felt a bit envious, but still, I got an overall nice feeling from what I saw — they are old people who are still so joyful and young at heart. © mamakerova / Pikabu

"I work full time as a skydiving instructor. Today, I saw this on a passenger..."

  • I work in a pharmacy and we have a regular client who lives in the neighboring house. Since she has many kids, she visits the pharmacy quite regularly. She is always smiling, and she has a wonderful husband who will come and buy hygiene pads for her in the middle of the night. Once she comes and says, “Can you, please, give me a pregnancy test and tampons?” I clarified whether I understood her request correctly. She replied, “Yes, that’s correct. I will keep thinking positively, hoping I’m not pregnant again.” And laughs. One hour later, she comes back again. As she was standing in the line, she was speaking on the phone promising to cook her husband’s favorite rolls. When it was her turn, she said to me, “This positive thinking is complete nonsense! Give me folic acid and vitamins for the pregnant, please!” © Overheard / Ideer

  • Recently I hired a new employee for my workshop. He is a great guy, a quick learner, and can do many things. But the cherry on top was the moment when I saw him stirring sugar in his tea with a screwdriver that he had just been working with. At that moment, I realized that he is the very worker I need. © Arafel / Pikabu

  • When I worked at a gas station, I had a manager who was a professor in his homeland (Egypt) but who couldn’t get a job at a college/university here so he’d taken the job at the gas station. He said, “People look down on me because of this job. They treat me badly because I’m an immigrant and I work at a gas station. But I became manager in 6 months here and make $40,000 a year. Do you know how?” I shook my head. “I treat every job like it’s my career, until I find a new career.” That really hit me. I’d taken that disgusting job cause, like him, I couldn’t get a job in my field. I hadn’t planned on taking it seriously. But when he said that, it changed how I looked at the temporary job that I hated yet, that I also took. Yeah, I might not be here forever, but I need to BE HERE while I’m here and make the most of it. © charlottedhouse / Reddit

  • My neighbor is 70 years old and she can hardly walk, but she has a lot of energy. When she needed a new hook installed on her wall, her friends had to persuade her to call me because I had a drill. I installed everything quickly and when I was about to leave, I noticed a rock-drill lying in one of her drawers. A rock-drill is a tool that was used to drill walls manually before drills were invented. Using one is extremely hard and tedious.

    So I asked her:

    Me: Why do you need this tool?

    Her: I wanted to do everything myself so I wouldn’t have to call you...
    When I said that she wouldn’t be able to do it with this tool, the old lady replied in an offended voice:

    — But I ate well before I was going to do it! © EdwardKim / Pikabu
  • Those were 2 wonderful weeks. No stress, no insomnia, did I say no stress. My skin got some rest from makeup and my eyes relaxed without contact lenses. I had a bunch of pleasant things like a massage and a lot of free time every day. Someone might think I am talking about a vacation at some resort. But no — I was in the hospital. Of course, those around me worried about me, but I was simply happy! © Overheard / Vk
  • When my brother first started his job as a policeman, he discovered that a fair amount of the role consisted of a lot of isolation and loneliness, and these hours of boredom get punctuated by moments of stark terror. One day when this was building up in his mind he found himself parked outside an alley where a homeless man was lying on a piece of cardboard. He got out to check if the man was alive or dead — the man was hardly able to open his milky white, runny eyes. My brother asked him if he was ok. The man grunted. My brother started to walk off, then stopped. He was consumed with this morbid curiosity. “Why do you do it?” he asked the man, “Why do you get up in the morning?” The man struggled to sit up, his jaw working over his gums as he thought about his answer. Finally, he said, “Tomorrow is another day. Something wonderful could happen.” © Jay Bazzinotti / Quora

Have you ever met any truly positive people? Maybe you are one of them? What changes need to take place in a person’s life to turn them from a pessimist into an optimist?

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I once had a client (I am a personal trainer) and he had lost his arm in an accident. He was so determined to get fit and we made it! He is still one of the strongest people I know ;)


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