20+ People Whose Good Deeds Prove That Evil Doesn’t Stand a Chance in Our World

3 years ago

Good and truly heroic deeds are often done quietly and humbly. They are usually not covered in the news or in the newspapers. However, this doesn’t make them any less significant. Everyone who has a heart is capable of these small feats. This means that evil in our world stands almost no chance, especially when folks like this are involved.

We at Bright Side love stories with happy endings and we want to tell you about the kind souls who make the lives of people around them better.

“After our old cat passed away, we swore we’d never have another animal. 8 months later, we found this guy in a car engine.”

Butters has made us love again!”

Before and after I donated 10 inches of my hair to charity.”

“This photo shows me and my adoptive mom and dad. My biological parents gave me ’life,’ and these people gave me ’A LIFE.’ There’s a big difference.”

“The residents of our neighborhood got together and cleaned the park of debris... We want our children to come and play here like we once did.”

Not all heroes wear capes. This bus driver saw a crying boy crossing the road, stopped the bus, and hurried to help him.

“The driver left the cabin to make sure the boy who was on the street alone without his parents, wasn’t hurt or that something bad had not happened. The boy got sad because the chain on his bike had fallen off. The driver hooked it back on for him and got back on the bus.”

“I bought a chocolate bar, and there was a rope inside. I wrote to the manufacturer. Almost 2 months later, I received a present from the factory.”

It’s good that there are so many caring people in the world.

Nothing special, just a guy feeding a kitten on the subway.

“My town put a free book exchange between the children’s club and the senior center. I posted online that it needed books. Look at how many books it has today.”

“I’m a trucker and almost always on the road. Someone left this delicious Thanksgiving lunch on the steps just outside of my semi-truck today.”

“I am happy to tears and infinitely grateful to you, stranger.”

“Last night, a fire that quickly broke out almost destroyed a local animal rescue organization. Some other volunteers and I rushed to help.”

“All the animals were evacuated. People began to bring hundreds of boxes of food, water, bowls, and leashes. The pets were immediately disassembled into foster families until the building becomes habitable again. This is my best friend from the shelter in this photo.”

“A year ago, I donated my kidney to a stranger. And I would do it again if I had another kidney.”

“I am 12 years old. I decided to give this chef set and my dollhouse to a little girl from a poor family. I hope the new owner will like them.”

Thanks to these 2 teenagers who found my lost phone, took a selfie, and then returned it to me.”

“I got inspired by the example from one guy on the internet and cleaned the entrance door of advertisements. Thank you, man! We’ve been living with a clean door for a week now.”

“It’s a fairy tale. Nobody puts anything else there anymore. And it’s true that if you want to change the world, start with yourself. Moreover, even the neighboring doors have been cleaned of this advertising waste. Perfect!”

“Every day, I used to see an old man jogging in the morning from my balcony. ’Cool,’ — I thought, ’He’s elderly but is still athletic.’ And once, I saw him running, and then suddenly he grabbed his chest with his hand.”

“I immediately realized that something bad was happening. I ran out into the street wearing shorts and slippers, dragged him into my car, and called an ambulance. I put him on the seat, got him some water, and found smelling salts in the first-aid kit. The ambulance arrived in 5 minutes, doctors put him in the car and left. So that was it, I helped and that was it. About a week later, I walked over to my car and saw this envelope. Now, I will wait for this elderly man to go on a jog again so I can return the money to him.”

Sometimes, it’s not that hard to make a home for someone.

Caution! These shoes are the summer home of Jabba the Toad. Please do not disturb! Thank you!”

The boomerang of goodness returns even after many years.

“I saw on the internet that gifts (mugs, socks, candy...) were being collected for the local veterans’ house, and I really wanted to bring a couple of presents.”

“I invited my colleagues at work to participate. The next day, this was waiting for me.”

“A stray kitten just came up and took a nap on my lap. Best moment in this whole difficult year.”

Have others ever done something like this for you that you will remember for a lifetime? Or maybe you yourself have become a real savior for someone?

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Believe it when you hear this," it all starts with you" accept kindness and always pay it forward,you'll know when the time is right🌞


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