12 True Events That Are Highly Disturbing

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While there are debates about whether otherworldly beings exist or are just products of our minds, certain experiences in life make us question this idea. The tales we’re sharing today center on people feeling or seeing inexplicable events that defy any logic. Regardless of your opinion on these occurrences, one thing remains certain—they’re likely to leave you feeling deeply unsettled.

  • When I was 17 (back before the internet, answering machines, and cell phones), my family went to Canada for vacation, and I stayed home to work my summer job. They were supposed to be gone for 7 days, but on the 7th day, I got a postcard from my mother stating that they decided to visit friends in Vermont and would be back 2 days later than planned.
    When they walked in the door 2 days later, as expected, they were all apologetic that they were gone 2 extra days without telling me. I said, “You did tell me. I got your postcard two days ago.” My mother went pale, she said, “We didn’t send a postcard. We decided to stop on the way home, so even if we sent a postcard, it wouldn’t have arrived yet.”
    “But I’ve got the postcard right here,” I said, reaching for the stack of mail on the counter. Looking through it, I could find no postcard. I must have dreamt that she’d sent it to let me know. © Wiseb***98 / Reddit
  • About 3 weeks ago, I was at a family friend’s house when I suddenly felt very sick. It felt like my blood pressure dropped (I was sweaty, cold, sluggish). Later that night, we were informed that my uncle, the only uncle I was ever close with, had died due to a heart issue. © tworollsonebee / Reddit
  • There was a moment when I experienced sleep paralysis, and suddenly my right ear started ringing. The ringing grew louder and louder until it felt and sounded like someone was screaming directly into my ear. This happened while I was in a state of sleep paralysis. It was the scariest and most paranormal thing I have ever experienced. © Vulcrux / Reddit
  • Once, when I was around 15, I was walking around where I used to live, which was deep in the English countryside. I heard a horse approaching me from behind, which is common as there was a polo club nearby. When I felt the horse was close enough, I turned to let it pass.
    There was nothing there. The sound continued to get louder and quieter, as if the horse was passing me, but it was not there. There was nowhere it could’ve been. It creeped me out. © hdawg19 / Reddit
  • While teaching a class with ten kids, I noticed the lights reflecting on the whiteboard gave me a view of the students. As I was writing on the board, I saw one of the disruptive kids stand up, and I could hear the desk move. Immediately, I called out his name and said, “Sit down.” The students informed me that he hadn’t arrived yet. I turned around, and all the kids were shuffling to sit in the front, avoiding looking at the spot where he usually sits.
    After class, one of the girls told me that whenever they use that classroom to study, they always hear the desk in the back of the class move and see dark shadows around that general vicinity.
    © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I thought I was going crazy. I turned around in my computer chair to see a man in khakis and a yellow button-up shirt crawl straight out my sliding door from the end of my couch. The next morning, my dad, coming home from his night shift, saw a shadow dart from one apartment door to another. The first thing he said was what he saw, and I was floored that my experience was real.
    © PacmanNemesis / Reddit
  • One day, I arrived home from school around 4 pm. When I tried to open the door, I felt as though someone was pushing me back. Assuming it was probably my roommate trying to prank me, I told him to stop and let me in.
    Suddenly, the door could be opened, but there was no one behind it. In fact, there was no one home (it’s a small apartment with only one door). At that moment, I thought we might have been robbed, so I checked all the rooms, corners, and everywhere to ensure there was nobody present. I called my roommate, only to find out he was still in lecture. © Aira_ / Reddit
  • I used to have recurring dreams at my sister’s house about a little girl with dark hair and pale skin (which are traits my sister has, by the way) telling me that she was staying there because my sister reminded her of her mother.
    Months later, my niece (only two at the time) stopped in the middle of the steps and plainly said to me, “Her mom died here.” © astro-ponies / Reddit
  • My brother and I are twins. When I was very little, my father took me to get a haircut and left my brother at home with my mother. Apparently, some time after we left the house, I kept pulling my dad’s hand and said, “Bob hurt” over and over.
    My father thought it was weird, so he called home. Nobody answered, so he got a little suspicious and took me right home. Coming home to an empty house (in the days before cellphones), we just waited. Later, my mother came home with my brother, and we found out that he had fallen down and had to get stitches. © stikkit2em / Reddit
  • When I was about 6, my grandmother passed away. Afterward, my mother would frequently find me sitting at the foot of my bed at night, talking to thin air. I remember a vaguely human-shaped glow that I instinctively knew was my grandmother standing in my doorway each night, but none of the conversations.
    I have seen this same figure several times since (even though we had moved several times), usually around the time of an important life event, for example, shortly after each of my siblings were born. © briella819 / Reddit
  • I was in maybe 5th grade, around that age. I woke up at 3:20 something. When I rolled over, I saw a small girl standing with her back towards me, facing the door. Then she slowly bent down, disappearing from my view (I had a tallish bed).
    I covered my eyes with my hand. When I peeped through my fingers, I saw a nose, a mouth, and a chin very close to my face. I hid myself under my covers because blankets are like kryptonite for ghosts or whatnot. © sormonsar / Reddit
  • When I was four and in daycare, I fell and hit my head pretty bad. I needed stitches. My mom took me to the ER and afterward we went home. There were multiple messages from my grandma in California asking my mom what happened and if I was okay. We live in Texas.
    My mom hadn’t even had a chance to call anyone from when she picked me up until she got home. My mom called her, and my grandma said she had a sudden jolt and a horrible feeling about me. © ann_droid / Reddit

Another eerie and deeply spooky sensation is when our kids share their memories of past lives. In this article, you’ll explore tales from early years that make you ponder deeply about life’s mysteries.

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