My Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Wanted to Give Up the Baby for Adoption, but I Played My Own Cards

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5 months ago

There’s probably nothing more unfair in this life than babies given up for adoption, especially if they have 2 biological parents, who could take care of them and love them. Such frustrating situation happened to our today’s hero, a young man, who found out that his now ex-girlfriend is pregnant, but out of all possible options she chose to give the baby up for adoption. Here’s how the man dealt with this situation and even brought it to a happy end.

The young man turned to Reddit to get some legal advice about his case.

A user, who went under a nickname Tuilampo, came to one of Reddit communities to ask professionals and knowledgeable people for some legal advice for his complicated case. He wrote that his girlfriend just broke up with him. What made things really dramatic, was that she was three months pregnant. She told the man that she wanted to give up the baby for adoption and “there’s nothing he can do”. The man’s ex-girlfriend is 19 and the man is 20.

The OP expressed a huge desire to be the father to this child. He wrote that if the woman doesn’t want the baby, it’s fine for her, but he does want the baby. He was interested in an opinion if his ex could do it without his consent. And asked legal advisors for a piece of advice regarding his rights in such situation.

The story took a dramatic turn after the man listened to all advice that he got.

The man made a separate post with an update about his life after he received a plenty of useful comments from people. He wrote that shortly after that he got a lawyer. He then put himself on the registry as well.

His ex really wanted to fight him over this, right until the last month of her pregnancy. The man confessed that he was fully ready to fight her legally to get his rights as the father. But in the final month, the woman suddenly changed her mind and decided that she would give him full custody instead of giving up the child for adoption. So they had no messy legal right over it.

The childbirth and custody situation went very smoothly for the young man. His lawyer took care of it quickly, and his ex even made it easy as well. Her family didn’t like this, but they couldn’t do anything about it in the end. So now the man has his baby daughter.

Being a single dad is a lovely experience for the man.

The man admitted that taking care of his baby is difficult but certainly worth it. He wrote that he feels like he finally has something to live for. His whole family has been super helpful and with their help they now can make sure his daughter is happy. As an addition, the young dad has also got a promotion at work. He realized that he needed to be more ambitious because he now has a baby to provide for.

A higher position was open at his work and he asked for the promotion, but they told him he was too young. He then offered to do the job as a trial for 1 month without any extra pay, only to prove that he can do it. After a month, they gave him the job.

There was an unpleasant surprise for the man’s ex.

As most of the people suggested (and the man’s lawyer did too), he had his lawyer file for child support after he obtained full custody. The man said that his ex didn’t like it and wasn’t expecting it. She actually called him names and various insults and all of that.

But the young dad didn’t say anything, just that communications should go through his lawyer. She said she regrets making it easy for him to get the baby. The man explained that he didn’t need the child support payments for daily care of his daughter, but he is sure she deserves to have something saved up for the future and for her college.

As he revealed, he didn’t have the chance to go to college, as he was not good at studying. But he wanted to make sure his daughter has the chance. He’ll be sending most of the child support payments for this purpose once he starts receiving them.

And here’s a heartwarming story about a woman who adopted her husband’s ex-wife’s baby, who wasn’t biologically her spouse’s son, only to prevent him from getting into an orphanage.


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