13 Things That Used to Be Trendy but Have Completely Lost the Hype

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Fashion trends change in the blink of an eye. The tendencies change, and every decade has its own unique features. In one period, clothes may be more revealing, and in others, they’re more conservative. There are times when people wear bright colors and strange elements. Sometimes, when you look back, you get really surprised by the things that used to be trendy.

All sorts of scarves

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Today, it’s hard to see these types of scarves on anyone. But they were worn both in cold and hot weather and for all sorts of public events. Both men and women wore them, and even though some of the scarves looked funny with other clothes, people still loved them.

Pants with many pockets

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It seems that when people bought these baggy pants, they thought, “The more pockets, the better!” They were actually cargo pants that were worn by builders — they kept lots of tools in the pockets. Not everyone looked good in these pants because they made the lower part of the body look heavier (this was especially true for shorter people). Of course, few people actually used these extra pockets.

Lots of bracelets

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In the past, women used to wear lots of different bracelets together. They also wore silicone bracelets. It was a great accessory that was worn with all sorts of different clothes.

Leg warmers

These warmers were worn not only on legs but also on arms. Even though they were actually designed for athletes, trendy women liked them too. And many girls wore them with boots, sneakers, and even flat shoes.


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All girls that were young anytime in 2000-2015 likely tried wearing such leggings. They were worn instead of regular pants with shorts and dresses. The colors and materials were very diverse. Today, very few girls still like wearing this style.

Belts used in a different way than they were meant to

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Belts, like scarves, were worn not the way they were designed to. Women wore them with tops and dresses. They were worn in different spots, including on the hips and just under the breasts.

Hats that were worn all the time, even inside

It’s one thing to wear a hat during winter, but wearing such hats and berets with T-shirts and summer dresses is a totally different thing. Both men and women wore such hats, but today, very few people do.

Velvet clothes

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It’s impossible to forget the velvet clothes that women wore at the beginning of the 2000s. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé made this trend iconic. Paris Hilton also made this trend popular because she often appeared in Juicy Couture dresses and outfits.

Feathers in the hair

You might remember the fashion trend where women would wear feathers in their hair. This trend was popularized by celebrities, models, and other fashionable women. It was an interesting way to do something new with your hair without harming it.

Long jewelry

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It took a lot of effort to even put this kind of jewelry on because it would get tangled all the time. Long necklaces would wrap around the neck with outfits they didn’t necessarily go well with.

Netted clothes

We used to wear shirts, dresses, sleeves, T-shirts and others clothes that looked like nets. But if you weren’t careful, these clothes didn’t last long. Today, such clothes seem appropriate for the beach, and that’s it.

Bandana tops

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Both bandanas and short tops were quite popular in the past. But in the ’90s, these 2 things were united, so bandanas were worn as tops on the chest. This was the perfect way to show off bejeweled belly buttons as well as the back and shoulders. Together with low-rise jeans, such tops looked really unusual.

Shutter shades

Shutter shades were invented by Alain Mikli, a world-famous sunglasses designer. They appeared on TV screens and in stores in the ’80s. But they became truly popular in the 2000s when Mikli designed a new model for Kanye West.

Some trends of the past can really cause mixed emotions. But, as you know, fashion is cyclical. And some things that, it would seem, will never regain their former popularity, may again become hits.

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I like the bandana tops, and leggings. I like the leggings because I have arthritis in my legs and the leggings are secure on my legs and I don't hurt so much. I don't care if they are out of style. I would not wear a bandana top I just liked them.


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