18 People Who Left Their Hair Alone and Really Enjoyed the Result

7 months ago

Even today, when looking natural is in fashion, you can still hear from those around us that we should look a certain way. They say that gray hair should be covered up, and men with long locks look strange. But some people prefer not to spend extra time and money at the hair salon and live with their natural hair, and they’re completely satisfied with it.

“My grandmother died when I was little, but we found an old picture that shows who I inherited my hair from.”

“On my way to my natural gray.”

“Stopped dyeing my hair. Really feeling my salt and pepper waves lately.”

“Learning to wear and care for my curls after spending most of my life straightening.”

“I’ve started growing out my hair and I feel like it’s been turning into ’80s hairstyle.”

“I went off hormonal pills and now my hair looks like this — it’s curly again!”

“Losing some definition with length, but loving my natural silver curls either way.”

“Always had short hair. Decided to let my hair grow and give my natty curls a chance.”

“58 years old and my hair still stays curly.”

“My aunt snapped this pic of me over the weekend, and I was startled by how awesome my hair looks.”

“I started growing my hair at 15. Here I am at 23 and 50.”

“About 10 years ago, I fried my hair with a perm and had to cut it below my ears. Here it is today.”

“I use ordinary mass-market shampoos.”

“My natural gray hair”

No expensive clothes or hairstyling is needed. Amazing! © chunky_bumblebeee / Reddit

“Lightened eyebrows vs natural with my silver hair”

Gray hair is really awesome-looking.

“No cut for 14 months — color is natural.”

“Been getting a lot of comments from family lately that I should cut it. People say my hair tips are ratty.”

“I saw a guy getting hate for long hair, so here’s mine. Also, cheese.”

There are a lot of people that decided to leave their hair alone and things became even better, including celebrities:

Preview photo credit aneleish / Reddit


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