20+ Mesmerizing Children Who Could Charm Even the Evil Queen

10 months ago

Every child has a bit of magic in them. It’s something truly spectacular which makes each and every child unique and special in their own way. It would be impossible not to love them, and they bring a light to our lives like no other being can.

We at Bright Side want to celebrate those children who are truly jaw-dropping, and thought their magnificence would stop you in your tracks too.

1. “Not officially a baby panda, but I think my niece does a pretty good impression of one.”

2. If you stare into her eyes, she’ll put you in a trance.

3. It’s hard not to get mesmerized by this little girl.

4. How can you resist a face that’s this sincere?

5. This rare eye gene makes this little boy truly astonishing!

6. A brother and sister with curls like pure gold.

7. This girl is as stunning as the orchid.

8. And sometimes eyes can just be truly stunning all on their own.

9. This dashing boy fills the world with beauty.

10. This girl is so delightful that she could light up any room.

11. This little girl is giving us both tradition and pure delight.

12. This is the real life version of Princess Merida from Brave and it’s just too much to handle!

13. Let’s be honest, no one can resist a little cake.

14. This happy little chappy is enough to melt a block of ice.

15. This little munchkin will have everyone happily squeezing her cheeks.

16. How could you not want to wrap that blanket around her and give her a snuggle?

17. An overload of sweetness is about to blow the system.

18. The curls and the dimples are enough to send anyone over the edge.

19. Bunny or baby? Doesn’t matter — still delightful!

20. It is impossible to resist going, “Awwww,” when you see this endearing baby.

21. A tiny, beautiful princess in the making.

Did you find these children as bewitching as we did? Let us know in the comments and post your own little darlings to make people smile.


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