21 Pairs of Celebrities Who Turned Out to Be the Same Age, Though It’s Hard to Believe

4 years ago

While looking at photos or watching movies with our favorite celebrities, sometimes we can’t even imagine that some of them are the same age. This is all because people can look totally different, while still having lived the same amount of years. Lifestyle and genetics are some of the things that influence this.

We at Bright Side didn’t even think that the contrast between 2 people who were born in the same year could be so drastic.

1. Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams — 22 years old

2. Mads Mikkelsen and Robert Downey, Jr. — 54 years old

3. Olivia Colman and Penélope Cruz — 45 years old

4. Russell Crowe and Keanu Reeves — 55 years old

5. Martin Freeman and Jared Leto — 48 years old

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Aniston — 50 years old

7. Dwayne Johnson and Jude Law — 47 years old

8. Adele and Emma Stone — 31 years old

9. Cillian Murphy and Ryan Reynolds — 43 years old

10. Geoffrey Rush and Sting — 68 years old

11. Megan Fox and Emilia Clarke — 33 years old

12. Finn Cole and Timothee Chalamet — 24 years old

13. James Norton and Chace Crawford — 34 years old

14. Charlotte Rampling and Cher — 73 years old

15. Michael Fassbender and Orlando Bloom — 42 years old

16. Willem Dafoe and Billy Bob Thornton — 64 years old

17. Britney Spears and Meghan Markle — 38 years old

18. Liam Hemsworth and Thomas Sangster — 29 years old

19. Emily Watson and Julia Roberts — 52 years old

20. Jason Momoa and Aaron Paul — 40 years old

21. Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman — 51 years old

Do you have friends who look older or younger than their real age? Please tell us about them in the comments!


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Cher has had masses of cosmetic surgery and would look like charlotte rampling if she hadn't had. Lots of these are down to situation, the way in which they were photographed etc


You should do Selena Gomez. She still looks like she is still in High School.


As for men, I think a clean and tender face will look younger than long-beard, full of wrinkles face.


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