16 People Whose Middle Name Is “Surprise”

4 years ago

Just try to remember the most surprising thing that you’ve ever heard from someone. It could be a piece of old cheese that someone thought was a bar of soap or a confession that they can’t leave their husband because they don’t want to have to lose weight to date again. There are a lot of situations that can surprise you, and some of the ones we found are so ironic.

We at Bright Side never stop laughing and would love share some positive vibes with you to make your day better.

1.When your wife frightens and then surprises you:

2. Left my iPad on a plane and reclaimed it 10 days later. Found this in the photos.

3. “Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese.”

4. When your parents decided to play a game called: “Find out what’s wrong with this picture.”

5. This is how you show your negotiation skills.

6. You go to the post office when suddenly...

7.Thank you for your offer guys. I need to think about this.

8. Don’t underestimate your mother.

9. Siblings. They are always unpredictable.

10. “Went to my parents’ house the other day. My dad labeled his phone.”

11. He gives some hope and then takes it right back.

12. “I woke up to an Amazon package being delivered and the delivery woman decided to have some fun.”

13. Am I in the right place? The owner is very creative.


15. The door to the storage room at work where we keep the snacks. So much for that “family atmosphere.”

16. Wisdom and experience

When was the last time something really surprised you? Do you have any funny pictures of unpredictable situations? Please share them with us!

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How do you confuse a block of cheese for a soap? ?


Wonder if number 6 could get his head out of that glass! So crazy though!


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