16 Disturbing Wedding Stories That Quickly Ended the Relationships

3 weeks ago

Weddings aren’t always a celebration of love. Some people believe that getting married will fix their relationship issues, but this isn’t true. While weddings are supposed to be joyful occasions, for some, they turn into events with bad memories that stick around forever.

  • “All 6 couples that my husband and I know who had ‘I don’t want to miss a thing,’ by Aerosmith as their first dance wedding song, are divorced. Once we heard that song, we knew that couple wouldn’t last. 5 couples lasted less than 3 years, the 6th about 10 years.” corih2213 / Reddit
  • “My aunt, ever the wayward daughter, visited England and met a guy. Six weeks later, she invited her parents (my grandparents) to England for her wedding.
    The entire family flew to London at considerable expense, only to discover that the couple didn’t wait for them — they had already gotten married. Worse, they had already split by the time the family arrived. The family never got to meet her ex-husband. My aunt would go on to get married four additional times.” chaoticneutral262 / Reddit
  • “The groom smashed the cake into the bride’s face when she had specifically told him not to. I have never seen rage shoot from someone’s eyes like that before. She walked out of the wedding and tore up the certificate. Called the whole thing off. Apparently, there had been other red flags with the groom, but this was the final straw sort of thing.” FawkesFire13 / Reddit
  • “Before the bride tossed her bouquet over her shoulder while standing on a massive staircase at some historic mansion, her uncle calmly raised his glass and toasted, ‘Here’s to Annie’s first wedding!’ It was Annie’s first wedding.” MamaBearNik / Reddit
  • “The father of the child the bride was carrying (not the groom) turned up at the reception. She left with him. Until then, I had never seen a human so devastated.” Zero_Overload / Reddit
  • “He said the wrong name.” FaultFinal5248 / Reddit
  • “A friend of mine got married to the guy she was with in high school after being together like 7 years. The wedding was fantastic, and they easily dropped 10-20k on it, the best wedding I ever went to.
    A few months later, while my friend and I were on the way to work, she was talking to him on the car Bluetooth, so I just stayed quiet. I heard him at one point say, ‘I thought getting married would fix things,’ and I immediately felt awkward being there. They divorced not long after that.” HalfSoul30 / Reddit
  • “Groom had claimed he had no family. At the wedding, one of the attendees recognized him and said, ‘No, that’s so-and-so’s cousin. He has a family. Both his parents have been in and out of hospitals for years with significant mental health diagnoses.’ He also had siblings with the same. The marriage was annulled the next day.” Mean-Vegetable-4521 / Reddit
  • “Went to a wedding that the bride’s parents spent $30,000 for. One month later, the husband got a better job in a city 90 minutes away. The wife didn’t want to move that far from her parents. They were divorced less than two months of marriage.” iamjustsyd / Reddit
  • “My ex-sister-in-law married a guy she hadn’t known very long and although that isn’t any reliable indicator of how long a relationship will last, I found it very disturbing that the groom stood with his back turned toward his bride while she walked down the aisle.
    One of his groomsmen had to tap him on the arm and whisper in his ear that he was supposed to turn around when the wedding march started. She was maybe only 3 steps away from him when he finally turned around to see her. Less than a year later, he just came home from work one day and told her he had been with someone else since before they were married, and she had to leave.” EasyBounce / Reddit
  • “During the reception, the bride’s niece accidentally knocked over a drink that splashed the bride’s shoes, and she backhanded her in front of everyone. It caused a huge fight and the groom walked out right then.” Rare-Highlight-9674 / Reddit
  • “They were both 35, successful lawyer and doctor. But had never spent the night at each other’s house. After the marriage, they couldn’t agree on who would move in with whom. And filed for divorce after 3 months.
    No one knows why they even got married at all. I guess they felt like they were supposed to at that age.” randallAtl / Reddit
  • “During the wedding reception, someone asked the bride and groom when they were going to have kids (They had been dating for 8 years before getting married, so everyone assumed they were going to have kids immediately after getting married).
    The groom loudly said, ‘Oh man, I’m NEVER having kids!’ The bride burst into tears and had to go to the restroom. They lasted about a year. You’d think that’s something they would have talked about during that long time, but who knows.” paul_swimmer / Reddit
  • “There was a young lady working with me, who was caught texting her boyfriend on the wedding day. She had even sent him herself in her wedding dress.” Martiallawtheology / Reddit
  • “My friend is a wedding photographer in Australia, and she had a couple where the groom was visibly recoiling from the bride in every photo. She couldn’t get a photo of him looking comfortable or happy around his bride. No idea what was going on, but they didn’t last long...” Upsidedown0310 / Reddit
  • “The wife got pregnant unexpectedly. Her rich family freaked out and called in all their connections to pull a $100K wedding and reception within a few weeks. She had a miscarriage after 6 months.
    A year later they were divorced, and their marriage was annulled. Neither the wife nor the husband really wanted to marry, but they caved due to family pressure. I think they would have made a go of it had they had the kid, but once that was out of the picture, the marriage fell pretty quickly.” CharlesAvlnchGreen / Reddit

Planning a wedding is tough, and things often go wrong. Issues like family arguments, bad weather, or accidents can ruin the day, and some people are unlucky enough to experience this. Check more here.


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