10 Real Stories of Kindness That Pour Honey on People’s Souls

3 months ago

Being kind is super important because it can bring people together and make good things happen. Even small acts of kindness can start a chain reaction, spreading caring and understanding everywhere. And there’s plenty of evidence to back that up.

  • I work at a flower stall. For the fifth time in a row, this guy shows up, buys a rose, and hands it to me without saying a word. At first, I figured he was just shy. Today, like clockwork, he came by again, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I blurted out, ’Okay, let’s finally get to know each other.’ That’s when he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote that he’s deaf and mute, and he simply enjoys seeing me smile.
  • When I was 17, I moved to a new city and started a new job. However, I hadn’t budgeted my money properly, and I also didn’t know how to cook. One day, I tried to make something tasty with just rice and tomato paste, but let’s just say it didn’t turn out great.
    A colleague noticed that I wasn’t eating lunch and, three days later, he complained about having too many sandwiches from his wife. He offered me one so that it wouldn’t go to waste. I must have devoured it so quickly that for the next few days, his wife kept packing him ’extra’ sandwiches every time. © Bill Castello / Quora
  • On one of my days off, I decided to go mushroom picking. I strolled through the forest for about three hours, enjoying the solitude and singing to myself while idly raking leaves with a stick. Suddenly, I heard barking coming from a distance, and as I turned to look, I spotted a dog tied to a tree. It was clear that the poor thing had been neglected for a while, with sunken sides and angry eyes. My heart went out to the dog, and although I was hesitant at first, I approached cautiously, wanting to help.
    As I got closer, the dog lunged towards me, but I managed to calm it down by sitting nearby and speaking softly for about half an hour, explaining that I meant no harm. Surprisingly, the dog seemed to understand, allowing me to cut the rope. It wagged its tail gratefully and then trotted off into the forest, free once again.
  • When I traveled to Germany to pursue opportunities as an opera singer, I encountered numerous challenges and ended up living in a hostel. Despite my efforts, finding work in my field seemed futile, and I began contemplating a return to a more ’normal’ job back home.
    However, a turning point came unexpectedly when a group of schoolchildren from Thailand visited our hostel. The landlord, prioritizing profit, attended to them promptly. Then, on a particularly dreary day, these Thai guests surprised me with breakfast. They brought Thai rice, boiled eggs, pepper, and soy sauce, and what struck me most was their genuine kindness—they didn’t ask for any payment.
    This simple yet heartfelt gesture lifted my spirits and renewed my emotional strength, reminding me of the beauty of unexpected kindness and helping me persevere in pursuing my passion. © topman20000 / Reddit
  • My wife and I were having tea in the kitchen when a stone with a note flew through the open window. To our surprise, it was a declaration of love, complete with a ring! We were shocked, but soon realized it was meant for the neighboring house. We invited the confused young boy over, gave him the ring, and offered advice on proposing. Six months later, we joyfully attended our neighbor’s wedding, celebrating the love story that started with a mistaken stone.
  • It was a gloomy day, and I’ve already forgotten the reason why, but I went to a local restaurant and bought some dumplings and sat by the window staring at the rain like some dramatic middle schooler. The owner of the store comes by and offers me some more free dumplings, and brings me a drink. It seems like a small thing, but it made my day. I thanked him of course, but he was like «Naw naw, my job.» © Unknown author / Reddit
  • As a student working part-time as a waitress, I’ve faced tough financial times. One day, while serving two men at work, they left me a generous tip. One of them handed me the money with a heartfelt comment, ’Just like that! I see what you need!’
    It wasn’t about hinting or pestering; it was a genuine act of kindness. When I counted the tip, I was moved to tears by their generosity. I wanted to thank them, but they had already left the restaurant.
  • While riding the bus, I witnessed a touching scene. An elderly woman was enjoying her candy, and across from her sat a young boy, around five years old. I couldn’t resist the warmth of the moment and asked the woman for a piece of mint candy. She kindly shared it with me, and as the boy received the candy and returned to his seat, he suddenly jumped up, ran back to the woman, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
    The entire bus was filled with smiles, and even the woman was visibly touched. It’s moments like these that remind us of the kindness and goodness in people, despite negative perceptions about newer generations.
  • I was fifteen. I was alone during my first shift at my first job (small photo studio) a woman came in and asked for passport photos in black and white. I explained to her that we no longer did bw passport photos and only color, which were up to specs with government regulations. After I took them, and she came back, she proceeded to yell at me for them not being in black and white, even though she had agreed to color before I took them.
    This is in front of a line of customers behind her who’d witnessed the whole thing. Because it was still a perfectly good product and I had just started the job, I wasn’t allowed to just refund her and be done with it. After fifteen minutes of her refusing to stop yelling at me, I started to cry.
    An older gentleman in the line walked up to her, handed her a refund from his own pocket, and told her to get out and stop mocking a fifteen-year-old for doing her job. About fifteen minutes after he left the store, he came back with ice cream for me just to cheer me up. That guy was the best customer ever. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • On my birthday, a friend asked what gift I wanted. I subtly hinted at a new bag but also mentioned that her presence was more important than any gift. True to her playful nature, she arrived at my birthday party dressed as a gift herself! She jokingly declared that she was my main gift.
    We all laughed and admired her creativity. Later, she surprised me with the bag I had mentioned, showing how well she understands me. That’s why she’s my best friend—she reads me like an open book.

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