15 People Shared the Absurd Labels They Got From Others

3 years ago

People around us often decide who we are for us. It’s easy to classify people in your head this way. There are labels like “Lazy” or “Mama’s boy” or “Greedy” and a lot of other ones even though people are actually much more interesting and complex than this.

Today’s Bright Side compilation has stories proving that we have to get rid of stereotypes because they often create the wrong opinions about people.

  • Playing online games is my hobby and I honestly don’t understand the “waste of time” arguments. HELLO! It’s a hobby just like knitting, playing the guitar, singing, drawing, and lots of other things. I don’t say that you are wasting time when you sing or dance. I hate labels. © Podslushano / ideer

  • Once, I wanted to get a job and I was interviewed by a 50-year-old lady. After the main part of the interview, she asked me some additional questions and the first one was, “You’re 26 already. Why are you still not married?” I tried to say something like, “I’m still young and I haven’t found the right person yet.” But she interrupted me and said, “Wow, stop. 100 years ago, people of your age already had grandchildren. If you haven’t found a wife by this time, it means that you are a silly and irresponsible person. Our company is for serious and responsible people with families. We don’t want mama’s boys here.” © Nimdael / Pikabu

  • I have a thing: I can’t wear the same clothes 2 days in a row. When I was in school, other kids thought I had a lot of clothes but, in fact, I was just able to combine clothes in different ways. And all my shoes had heels, even my winter boots. And once, my classmate told me that he thought I was arrogant. I was shocked. I never thought that people might think that of me. And this guy also told me he was wrong. He liked me so much that he even fell in love with me.

  • No matter what a woman does after she has a child, people will talk about it. I took maternity leave one week before giving birth and returned to work shortly afterward. You know who I am? Right. I’m a bad mother that doesn’t care about her child. And nobody cares what I think. © Yuliya Dunaeva / Facebook

  • Once, I hit a guy for bullying me. And when he went to the teacher to complain about me, she was like, “Jane? Jane hit you? This WALLFLOWER? Stop lying!” © itssanlee / Twitter

  • My dad is not a “real man.” My mom worked as a teacher and my dad was a train operator. I saw my dad more often than I saw mom. He was the one that taught me to climb trees, hammer nails, and other useful things. And he was learning too: how to make breakfast, braid hair, see the difference between all shades of pink and white in order to buy “the right” dress. This year, he’s turning 60 and he’s the best father, husband, and grandfather. © dobrayadusha / Pikabu

  • I’m the person that everyone hated in PE classes. I don’t like balls and I don’t know how to throw them. I hated hearing, “We lost because of her.” But I just couldn’t play. And now when someone suggests playing with a ball, I feel scared. © ol_fa_sol / Twitter

  • My boyfriend’s paternal uncle is very misogynistic and old-fashioned. He doesn’t like me because I’m 5 years older than his nephew and I have a career. He tries to berate my boyfriend for not engaging in behaviors that fall into the realm of toxic masculinity. My boyfriend loves to cook. And when he’s not traveling, he’s the one who cooks for us. When this uncle got wind of this, he actually called my boyfriend’s dad and told him to “get his son away from that witch” and that my boyfriend “needed to start acting like a man.” © shygirlturnedsassy / Reddit

  • I wasn’t allowed to go to nightclubs when all the other kids went there and my parents rarely let me go for walks because, “I looked older than my age but was still silly.” I didn’t have a lot of friends because of this. But when I had a chance to go somewhere, I used it. After college, I left home and I hate coming back. © Zhenya Frantseva / Facebook

  • A guy I know talked for 10 minutes about how only poor people live in the suburbs. Now I’m thinking about inviting him to my place in the suburbs. © Vares / AdMe

  • Once, I put on some simple clothes to go to the supermarket. My phone rang and I was told that I had gotten the job of the manager and that I had to be in the office ASAP. I got into my car and went there. The people around me were saying something along the lines of “from rags to riches” even though they knew nothing about me. I let them know that appearances can be deceiving. © Kate Kate / Facebook

  • When I was a teenager, people thought I was arrogant. They said that I never said hello because I was too good for that. And nobody could understand that I was terribly shy and reserved, especially with boys around. The best thing I could do was wear the mask of the Snow Queen so nobody would know how scared I was. Also, I have bad eyesight so I didn’t see a lot of people I knew.

  • When I was a student, I lived in the dorm and my parents paid for everything. I dated a guy that regularly came to my place and emptied my fridge. I decided to try a trick: I took him to the grocery store. I got some food, and so did the guy. When it was time to pay, he stepped away to prevent people from thinking he was going to pay for the food. I asked him to pay and he did, but when we left, he asked me when I was going to pay him back. I told him everything I thought about him. And he said, “I had no idea you were this greedy.” © agata4321 / Pikabu

  • The weirdest thing I’ve ever heard about myself was that I was arrogant because... I walked with a straight back. Everyone thought I felt like I was better than everyone else. © Ezhik v Okeane / AdMe

  • I’m a guy and I hate the labels we get depending on our gender. I love cooking and I love cleaning my home. Close friends know that and have no problems with it. But when other people find out that my girlfriend is the breadwinner in our family, they start giving me grief. I never asked for your opinions! We are fine with how things are. © Podslushano / ideer

Have you ever been labeled in a way that you hated? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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Yes. I've been labelled the way I hated. Not one, but many labels. Back in 2018, in 8th grade, I was heavily bullied and the bully used to gossip to her friends about me. They would believe her because she was popular and thus, I had a hard time making friends. Also rumours about me had caused people to call me by various levels, "slut", "arrogant girl" and so on. And I was the one man army against her followers. I really had a hard time and suffered from existential crisis.
Now I'm fine. Atleast I don't have to see her b----y face again.


I was with my mother at the supermarket, I had a broken leg in a plaster cast and on crutches. This lady commented that she had once been on crutches and asked me how I had broken my leg. I told her I had broken my leg playing roller derby. The lady looked me up and down, my black and pillar box red hair, my many tattoos on show, my 1950's makeup and dress.... she said "oh as soon as you said that I could tell you were one of those roller derby girls, I watched a documentary about it, it's very brutal and the girls are hard as nails!".... I then asked the lady " so you wouldn't say that I look like an oncology, chemotherapy and palliative care nurse who is actually as soft as muck?"... she looked at me blankly and said "well... no, I wouldn't". I told her to try and not judge a book by its cover as looks can be deceiving. Many of the roller derby girls have varied and interesting jobs, roller derby is a sport not our whole life. We are girlfriends, wives, mothers, nurses, doctors, accountants, lawyers, teachers, prison officers, charity workers, social workers, nursery nurses, University students.... we come from all walks of life. Please don't judge or label others by the way they look, the sports they play or hobbies they have... I bet she couldn't tell that I love knitting baby hats for the local premature baby unit either!


When I was in Middle School, 2 years ago, I swear I was the loudest, most extroverted girl in the 8th grade. I had so many friends (and enemies) it was hard to believe. My father thought that me being so confident all the time was bad for some reason, saying my friends were influencing me badly. I wasn't overly confident. I was just happy. And it was easy to make conversation with people, etc.. But High School comes and at the last second he decides to send me to a completely different School from ALL of my friends, across town. I didn't (and still don't) have a phone, so I lost all contact from everyone, just like my dad wanted. I don't have my mother around. I don't have any siblings, any pets. My friends, and my father, were my world. But I became a completely different person my Freshmen year. I was introverted, I hated everyone and everything, I didn't (and don't) talk that much anymore, and I'm shy now. It's been two years since then, and I want anyone experiencing the same thing that reads this to understand that you just have to keep going. As I said, it's been two years since then, and it takes time, but I finally got back in touch with most of my dearest friends. Time's a bitch but it always comes around. Stay happy!


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