20+ Inimitable Kids Whose Parents Can Only Dream About Peace and Quiet

3 years ago

When we live together with kids, we quickly learn to predict their actions. Parents don’t need to be reminded that children might take anything colorful as a treat and they might store their treasures in the most unexpected places. This is what kids do — they constantly test our patience.

We at Bright Side believe that user photos can tell a lot more about parenting than any book.

1. “I was about to take a sip of my tea, heard jingling, and dumped it out to find that my toddler had stored his treasure in there...”

2. “Recently told the 8-year-old she should always replace the toilet paper when it runs out. Just found this in the bathroom.”

3. “My 12-year-old son got annoyed by a video game...”

4. Paper clips are hard...

5. “Pasta with seafood by my son”

6. “They are not actually stickers...”

7. “My 3-year-old dropped toilet paper in the toilet and then washed it.”

8. “A sheet cake I made yesterday. My 2.5-year-old son decided to give it a salt and pepper topping.”

9. “My kid, ladies and gentlemen”

10. “My toddler only ate the skin off of her apple.”

11. “My toddler found a white ink pad and immediately turned into Saruman.”

12. “My daughter helped finish my wife’s drawing today.”

13. “Just want to thank my daughter for putting cat toys in my pocket while I was making her breakfast and not noticing until I got to work.”

14. “My niece drew this ‘troll’ and then got so scared of it she made my brother throw the picture away.”

15. “My toddler put my keys in the toaster.”

16. “Just finished painting my kids’ playroom yesterday.”

17. “I’mma just take a bite out of this banana real quick.”

18. “Toddler pulled the cat feeder down. I just filled it last night.”

19. “This is what happens when you tell your kid to make his own snack, so he microwaves an egg for 11 minutes...”

20. “My toddler found a dry erase marker and brought it to my bathroom...”

How do you react to what your kids do?

Preview photo credit mcnees / Twitter


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it's shameful to admit but I still eat oreos like this haha


The 19th one, wait, what?
Why would they tell a toddler to cook their own food
i literally don't understand, Weird parents


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