14 Mysterious Objects Whose Purpose Is Really Hard to Guess

3 years ago

There is a community on Reddit called “For the identification of mysterious objects.” Its participants publish photos of strange objects whose purpose is hard to identify at first glance. Other participants of this community try to guess how these objects can be used.

At Bright Side, we love to put our knowledge to the test by looking at the photos from Reddit. And we have to admit, we had to think a lot when trying to guess the purpose of the objects from our selection.

1. “I found this in my grandparents’ old home. It was in an old jewelry box. Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be?”

IT also could be an tool for cleaning grandpa's Pipes .
I have such a tool ..ITS a cheap Version . In the 60s 70s & 80s Pipe Smoking was a Luxus Thing .. the Pipes often Made from exotic Wood wallnut,mahagoni, bankirai and so on..
Cleaning Tools we're often Made from Chromed Iron ..(cheap Versions) the luxuriös Editions werde Made of Brass ,Cooper, stainless steel and so on ...often with a Lot of fine decorations ..

Comment with image on Bright Side

Answer: “It looks like an old perfume atomizer.”

2. “I’ve had this around for a while. What is it?”

Answer: “It looks like a hair pin.”

3. "What’s this weird forky double headed thing?

Answer: This claw-fork is used for cutting meat. You can hold meat from above with its help.

4. “What is this thin metal tool I found in the laundry?”

Answer: “It looks like a rake lock pick.”

5. “This came with a book. Anyone know what this is?”

Answer: “It’s a bamboo straw with a cleaning stick. I import and sell these.”

6. “I found this in a drawer at home. Now I’m scared to throw it away. What is this?”

Answer: “I have one exactly like this. It came with a trampoline as a tool to help tighten the springs.”

7. “My dad shows this thing to everyone who comes to the house to try and find out what it is.”

Answer: “That’s a coconut cutter.”

8. “A seagull dropped this beside me after I gave it some bread.”

Answer: Some bird species (mostly crows) have been known to give gifts. You’ve just gotten gifted with an abalone shell from a seagull! How cool!"

9. “Any idea what this may be? Some kind of tongs?”

Answer: “It’s a tarp clip.”

10. “Does anyone know what kind of tool this is or what it could be used for?”

Answer: “It’s a lid and jar opener.”

11. “Can anyone tell me what this is? It’s about 10 inches across.”

Answer: “It’s an antique telegraph switchboard.”

12. “What is this thing?”

Answer: “It’s a picture frame holder. I have this at my office, it’s probably 25 years old.”

13. “My grandfather left me this mysterious key. I have no clue what it would open.”

Answer: “It’s a key to a safe deposit box. Go to his bank and ask what he left for you.”

14. “I found this in my cabinet. My wife wouldn’t tell me what it is.”

Answer: " I guess it is a weight loss patch." (Bright Side note: Consult a specialist before using a weight loss patch. Remember, in most cases the best way to lose weight is a healthy diet and physical exercise.)

Which objects’ purpose did you guess? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Evening-Proud / reddit


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The number 7 answer is wrong. It's not a cutter is a coconut meat scraper. You sit on the wooden part and cut the the coconut in half and scrape the meat with the end blade. You can use for making coconut milk or scraping for desserts or baked goods. I've used this before when I was younger my Mom would tell me to scrape coconuts, the coconut is usually cut with a cleaver.


It’s a coconut grater not cutter. We have that at home when I was 10 and my grandmother is using that to grate and scrape the coconut.


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