18 People That Were Happy to Find Things Somebody Else Had Gotten Rid Of

3 years ago

Sometimes, people throw away very decent things. There are different reasons why they do this: some need more space, others just want to get rid of the things they don’t use. Anyway, it’s great when people that really need something find it.

The Bright Side team is sincerely happy for the people that literally stumbled upon good things. And in the bonus, you will find several stories from our readers.

“Just found this piece in an alleyway.”

“We were moving and found an empty microwave box in the street.”

“Something inside made a sound and we found 2 China sets worth $600.”

“Made a quick stop behind the local grocery store.”

“Found this Xbox 360 in a bag under a bike in a dumpster this morning. Haven’t plugged it in yet, but hoping for the best!”

“Tonight’s find!”

“Found an iPhone 6 Plus that works perfectly at the dump!”

“14k gold ring with nephrite jade and cultured pearls I found dumpster diving last night”

“Found a Barbour coat that fits me perfectly. To be honest, it was dirty... But after a good clean, you’d never know.”

“3 pairs of binoculars and they all look like new!”

“Just got hired to clear out a guy’s basement. These 2 vintage keyboards and Amp were part of what he wanted to get rid of. I am happy.”

“Found a very cool couch this morning!”

“My best find yet: a MacBook Pro! The screen is very cracked but I just reset it and it is fully functional!”

“I was looking online for a backpack and coincidentally found this one in the trash bin a few weeks later! It seemed like it was almost brand new.”

“Last summer I found 2 China teacups, and last night I found the matching saucers in a different city!”

“Found in the box behind an office supply store! Perfect condition.”

“We are such a wasteful society, this is what I found.”

“This Congo drum is worth $150. I’m a professional musician so this will get used often!”

“Midcentury modern desk I picked off the curb last night in my neighborhood”

Bonus: Stories from our readers

“We had a funny situation. We took our old couch to the dumpster because we bought a new one.”

“And 30 minutes later, we saw our neighbors from the same floor taking it to their apartment!”

“I once threw away many things, like 10 bags. I left them by the dumpster.”

“One week later, I was in the elevator with my neighbor and I looked at her and thought, “I had that same sweater with exactly the same spots...”

Do you think it’s okay to take things from the street and use them?


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Only in the US I guess? In here, garbage is garbage. Unless you want rotten food or clothes with holes, you won't find anything worthwhile in the street. The good bits get donated to charities or re-sold on Facebook/Gumtree.


why do people throw away such perfect things away. They function good / look good, I don't understand...


There are so many great looking things out on the street! I live near a university, so at the time of year when students are moving in and out they leave lots of perfectly good things on the street. Once found 5 shirts that fit me perfectly, 3 still had the tags on them and the other two also looked new. Another time my ice tray had just broken, and then I found one in a free box. It made ice cubes shaped like penguins. Get pretty much all my clothes from thrift stores, or trade with friends. Sometimes ppl complain that "It has a hole in the sleeve!!!" When the hole literally is like as big as a freckle and you could sew it up with one stitch. So many people throw away perfectly good things. We have enough resources right now, just people throw them away if they have a stain as big as a fingernail that you can barely see inside the pocket!


It is good to give healthy things that we do not need to others, it is not a good thing to waste


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