17 Parenting Struggles All Moms and Dads Can Relate To

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There are few things in life that are as exciting as being a parent and having children. But nothing will make you delirious and exhausted like those little beings. Since parents know this all too well, we thought it was time to bring some humor into the mix and share the funny truth about what living with kids looks like.

1. “We left her alone for FIVE minutes!”

2. “Throwback to when my daughter ate an entire tube of my lipstick”

3. “Came across this on my morning walk.”

4. “100% wouldn’t give me the trowel back! He was helping 😂.”

5. “The new office view”

6. “I left my son alone with the decorations.”

7. “Traveling with my 8-year-old son and his friends”

8. “My kiddo cut his hair yesterday, then agreed to let me have a little fun with it before we fixed it.”

9. “My son is having a tantrum because he broke the leg of the gingerbread man.”

10. “Temper tantrum because he can’t make the gloves fit his feet...”

11. “My 2-year-old son was playing with his Harry Potter wand.”

12. “My 11-month-old son just hit me in the face with his toy and broke my tooth in half.”

13. “My son examining a basket a few months back”

14. “Try working with a 4-year-old dressed like Spider-Man perched on the kitchen table behind you whispering, ’Can you hear me breathe?’”

15. “She wanted a bath.”

16. “It’s Crazy Hair Day at my daughter’s school.”

17. “My daughter asked her dad to be launched into my photo where she struck this pose. Now she’s convinced she’s a real superhero.”

What’s your favorite thing about having kids?

Preview photo credit 2bzbest / Reddit


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