20 Pics That Completely Blow Your Mind Until You Look a Little Closer

3 years ago

Sometimes our eyes can trick us. We may think we’re seeing one thing but when we take another look, we realize that what we saw was completely different from reality. Smiley faces on objects, optical illusions, and misleading designs are some everyday examples of this visual trickery.

Bright Side prepared a list of the most curious pictures that will leave you in doubt and amazed.

1. “Everyone says I look like him, took this pic for a laugh.”

2. “This mug of coffee kind of looks like it’s empty.”

3. This fried bubbly bacon that looks like teeth

4. “My boyfriend’s scoop of chocolate chip ice cream looks like it’s smiling.”

5. “This bottle of honey looks like a bottle of shampoo.”

6. “This circular piece of confetti that looks like a hole in the hardwood”

7. They didn’t use a different font on this sign, the letters are just peeling off.

8. “The snow on my husband’s car looks like a blanket!”

9. “The reflection on the window looks like a massive spaceship landing.”

10. “After a little snowfall, my tree looks like a cotton plant.”

11. Don’t break a tooth trying to eat this rock disguised as a potato!

12. “Apple-filled buns? They look more like mandarins.”

13. When the mirror reflection fits perfectly:

14. “I saw an ’empty’ building.”

15. “That’s a cute fi — oh, nevermind.”

17. This mop looks like a blue-haired person who’s not impressed.

18. If this popcorn tastes like a mushroom, it’s because it is one.

19. This black tile flooring looks good, but sadly, it’s a sewage leak at a movie theater.

20. This cat armor is actually a vacuum cleaner!

What picture made you want to scroll back to take a second look? Do you have a misleading image that you can share with us?


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