15+ Lucky Times When the Package Didn’t Lie and Reality Surpassed All of Our Expectations

3 years ago

If you check out any internet community where people share expectation vs. reality pics, chances are, most of the pics show complete disappointment. Indeed, when it comes to food, for example, we often see an image of mouth-watering perfection on the packaging and find a mess inside. But some people are lucky enough to find that their food looks just as perfect as their package, and it’s pure delight.

We at Bright Side selected 15+ pics that show how food can turn out to be just as good (or even better!) than its package promises it to be, and we envy the lucky people who found these gems.

1. We wish all frozen cheesecakes looked like this.

2. “First time this has happened to me.”

3. “I am very impressed. Tastes great too!”

4. “Pleasantly surprised, the cream is the best part!”

5. The result turned out to be just as good as they promised.

6. “Microwaved pasta kit did pretty good!”

7. Very close!

8. “For once a pizza that can be judged by its cover.”

9. “I got this ice cream bar from a store in Tokyo and it was exactly the same as in the picture. Plus it was delicious!”

10. “It’s almost exactly the same.”

11. “Not bad.”

12. The chocolate swirls could be bigger, but looks really nice.

13. No complaints!

14. The menu picture is lying, but we’re not disappointed.

15. The real snowman may be not that perfect, but it surely looks charming.

16. It’s much more than we expected.

When was the last time that the thing you bought fully met your expectations or completely disappointed you? Tell us in the comments!


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Oh my goodness - I am absolutely dying
I ate that mushroom pasta dish (RANA) for dinner like 10 minutes ago 😂


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