20+ Times Designers Made People Choke on Their Tea

2 years ago

Some things are too strange to be coincidences. But finding out for what purpose they were brought to our world often becomes a real mission impossible. And we all are left with only one universal question: “Why?”

We at Bright Side have found some weird designs that prove not everything has to have any logic or sense today.

1. “Rather walk barefoot, thanks.”

2. “Found this at an antique store in Hudson, NY for $15,000.”

3. “This toilet decoration”

4. “Saw this at my local grocery store, absolutely killing it.”

5. “This Christmas decoration”

6. “These garden decorations on sale”

7. “My boss’s shoes are made out of ostrich.”

8. “This baby mannequin has feet for hands.”

9. “Best spoon ever!”

10. “Raw kids”

11. “’Fashion stole my money’ for $11.”

12. “Just...why would you?”

13. “I saw the world’s largest piggy bank today.”

14. “This superhero costume”

15. “$160 for this beauty”

16. “This mannequin with broken legs”

17. “This ’Shrek’ in a park in Turkey”

18. “This urinal has cutouts to help you pee on your shoes.”

19. “This uh...Christmas decoration my friend found”

20. “Didn’t have to do my boy Spidey like that.”

21. “These silly cat fridge magnets put a fair amount of detail on the cat butts.”

Have you seen anything even weirder than all these examples above? Do you have any photos of them? Please share them with all of us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit kiefedout / reddit, cranrob / reddit


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