23 Times People Were So Eccentric, We Can’t Look at Them Without Eye-Rolling

9 months ago

According to researchers, smart people often do dumb things because they lack critical thinking skills. Every now and then, we all mess up when it comes to making logical choices. Oftentimes, that’s how we get into traffic accidents or other awkward situations. Still, there is a line that only the people featured in this article would dare to cross.

1. A man above the law

2. When hipsters go to art museums:

3. Simple solutions aren’t always the best.

4. When you come prepared for any slope:

5. Germophobes are really losing their grip on reality.

6. It may take a while for that sausage to cook.

7. Don’t ever be THAT guy.

8. Some people just refuse to play by the rules.

9. Never go without a table again!

10. We’re not sure why anyone would invent this.

11. Anarchy in its purest form

12. “Oh no! Be careful, Grandpa!”

13. How far would you go for the perfect romantic photo?

14. Budget gaming setup

15. Why would someone do this?

16. This leaves room for so many questions...

17. This sportswear fan is taking things to the next level.

18. One of the saddest weddings we’ve ever seen

19. This man has had enough of these shenanigans.

20. Nemo looks different these days.

21. Okay, we have to admit that this one looks like a lot of fun!

22. This man cares about fashion in all the wrong ways.

23. We guess it’s nice not having to worry about a flat tire.

What did you think of these idiotic scenarios? Have any similar personal experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit brak1444 / reddit


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