15+ Photos That Tricked Our Brains Into Believing They Were Something Else

2 years ago

Our brain is a great ally when it comes to understanding processes, performing mathematical operations, or helping us rationalize things. But, sometimes, it can play tricks on us by making us see, for example, a baguette where there is a surfboard or a piece of meat instead of a stone. You might be wondering how that could happen. Well, take a look and see for yourself!

Bright Side made a compilation of pictures that will fool even the smartest and fastest brain in the room!

1. “My friend’s new surfboard was made to look like a baguette.”

2. “Forbidden chewing gum strips (Blu Tack)”

3. “My candle turned into a bell pepper.”

4. “Forbidden chocolate bar”

5. “My brain knows these aren’t edible, but my mouth keeps watering.”

6. “Cupcake ornaments that I want to eat every time I see them”

7. Is this a bunch of sausages or just a couch?

8. “The forbidden mango”

9. “Shredded cheddar, anyone?”

10. “I was told this sculpture wasn’t a giant, community rock candy. Lame.”

11. You don’t want to eat these burger buns...

12. “Maple and walnut ice cream bars”

13. “This stone I found in West Wales that looks like a boiled potato”

14. “Carved green onyx gemstone grapes — I’m salivating!”

15. “These rocks look like steak.”

16. “K2 crystal, a unique stone mined from the snowy peaks of Pakistan’s K2, the second-highest mountain in the world”

17. “This giant bowl of noodles at my local shopping center”

Has your brain ever tricked you only to find out something was not what it seemed?


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