20+ Startling Photos From Japan the Locals Wouldn’t Even Notice

3 years ago

Japan is a country of high-tech where comfort and convenience are really valued. Smart toilets, fast trains, vending machines — these are only a few of the things that pop up in our minds when we think about Japan. But it seems that there’s no limit to the creativity of the Japanese, and they continue to impress the world with their inventions.

At Bright Side we are big fans of Japan and we dream of having a picnic under a blooming sakura tree somewhere in Tokyo one day. Right now though, we’re just looking at the photos taken in this amazing country.

Pets are like children here.

“This guy walking with a stroller full of cats in Tokyo.”

“A crowd of photographers gathered around this tree.”

“Photographers surrounded this blooming sakura tree even though there were many more like this one in the park. This one was probably the best.”

What do you know about fashion?

“We went to a restaurant where food for Sumo fighters is made. They brought us pizza that was really small...”

“I was walking on the seashore and saw a cute building. I came inside and I was shocked — it’s a waste incinerator!”

There are 2-step-wide houses in Tokyo.

You can find parking lots and Ferris wheels on the roofs of Japanese buildings.

This is a gadget to train to lift the mouth corners and make the smile more symmetrical.

You can always draw more hair if you want to.

If you want to feel like ramen, you can try this.

How do you like these Japanese manholes?

“A cafe I visited in Tokyo can print pictures of you into the foam of your macchiato.”

Someone was bored in a toilet in Japan.

“My mom is visiting Japan. She was not prepared.”

“Had these 2 run up to my car at a red light.”

“Just your standard Tokyo business meeting. These 2 were exchanging business cards.”

Their Halloween costumes are a kind of art.

“The ladies’ bathroom at my nearby mall in Japan. I feel like a queen every time I go there.”

“I was in Zao Fox Village that is located in Japan, and I saw these foxes that wait for their water.”

“My favorite shop sign in Kyoto.”

This is how they have enough time for everything! They have more than 24 hours!

If you go to Japan, what will be the first thing you’ll want to see?

Preview photo credit neomatrix248 / Reddit


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these photos make me feel like I want to move to this country ASAP haha
why is it so weird and so cool at the same time?


sumo fighter's pizza? I think it's a joke, that cannot be the real size lol hahaha


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