20 Ordinary Things That Hide a Lot of Secrets From Us

2 years ago

Since childhood, we’re curious to look inside things and find out what’s hiding from us. With age, this interest becomes lower and it starts to seem like we know everything about the things around us. But very often, even the most ordinary things can hide a lot of surprises.

We at Bright Side love learning new things about the world around us. And in order for you not to break stuff on your own, we want to share some things that Internet users showed us online — from traffic lights to pregnancy tests.

1. “This is what the inside of a Rubik’s cube looks like after a kid destroys it.”

2. All of this was inside a baseball.

3. It’s unexpected to find a piece of an old toothpaste box in a phone case.

4. This BIC lighter has a smaller BIC lighter inside of it.

5. “My dog’s fitness pig toy had a buff pig inside!”

6. What the inside of a gas pump looks like

7. “The inside of my daughter’s snap bracelet is from a tape measure.”

8. A toothpaste pack

9. Ever wonder what the inside of a tape dispenser looks like?

10. USB cable

11. “One of my chess knights broke and revealed a dice hidden inside it.”

12. A cross-section of a whale rib

13. “Well, they aren’t wrong. What’s inside the platypus dog toy?”

14. This cactus on the inside

15. “A while back, I worked with traffic signals and had a few people ask me what the inside looked like.”

16. The inside of this tropical pitcher plant looks like a QR code.

17. “This shell I found that looks just like a coconut”

18. A spring ring jewelry clasp

19. “This is what a guitar looks like on the inside, my latest build.”

20. “My wife had been checking if she was pregnant, and she bought a digital test.”

“Here it is. $12, and it literally just reads a test strip. What a scam!”

When was the last time you looked inside something and thought, “So, that’s what this is!”?

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