20 Times People Saw Something and Didn’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

2 years ago

There’s no accounting for taste, indeed, but seeing these things made our jaws drop, our eyebrows raise, and our teeth clench all at once. You can tell a lot from people’s sense of fashion, but these goodies left us speechless.

Today at Bright Side, we want to show you 20 pictures that made us tongue-tied and wonder what these people were thinking when they produced or bought these things.

1. “Just a cake covered in white chocolate teeth”

2. “This horrible toilet seat”

3. “A hand chair I came across”

4. “I came across this homemade lamp at a thrift store.”

5. “This horrible headless baby lamp we found in a furniture store near my apartment”

6. “This topiary I came across in the neighborhood during a walk”

7. “This hot dog candle I found”

8. “How many eyes are in the word, ’vase?’”

9. A fly hat was found in an antique store in New Orleans.

10. “Found this at an art festival.”

11. “Do you like my green car?”

12. Security at supermarkets would not appreciate this.

13. This legend just invented a new means of transportation.

14. “Nope, just nope!”

15. “The things you find at thrift stores”

16. “This decorative thing”

17. These Christmas decorations don’t belong anywhere.

18. “A side table I saw at my work.”

19. “Never skip leg day!”

20. “My aunt found these at an antique shop, $2,500 and they’re all yours!”

Which design surprised you the most? What would you pick if you had to keep one of these in your house? Leave your comments below.

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