20+ Illustrations Proving That There Are Only 2 Kinds of People in the World

3 years ago

In psychology, there are many theories that explain the different types of people we can come across at work or in our daily lives. It is no wonder that, when comparing the habits and ways of life of 2 different people, we end up noticing that there are just as many different ways of facing daily challenges as there are ways of enjoying the world. While some prefer white chocolate, others go for dark chocolate. The same goes for wearing flip-flops with socks. For some, it’s a no-go, while for others it’s just normal. Not to mention that there are people that just can’t handle being late, while some others just don’t care.

And in an effort to understand these 2 kinds of people, Bright Side made a few illustrations that we think show the little habits that make a huge difference. Take a look and see for yourself what kind of person you are: do you sleep with socks or without?

1. Girls’ constant dilemma

2. People with different priorities

3. Girls taking photos vs guys taking photos

4. People who move a lot during their sleep vs People who don’t move at all

5. People who take one hour to get ready vs People who can get ready in 5 minutes

6. People who can’t stand eating the crust vs People who eat the whole pizza

7. People who charge their phones all the time vs People who think 10% battery is enough for the whole day

8. People who always pick up the phone right away vs People who never pick up

9. People who eat dark chocolate vs People who eat white chocolate

10. People who love being alone vs People who love socializing

11. People who love reading a book vs People who love reading an e-book

12. Early birds vs Night owls

13. People who sleep with socks vs People who sleep barefoot

14. People who put ketchup all over their fries vs People who have ketchup on the side

15. People who eat pizza with a fork and knife vs Those who eat it with their bare hands

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16. People who prefer to read the book vs People who prefer to watch the movie

17. People who like a burger with cheese vs People who like it without cheese

18. People who drink tea vs People who drink coffee

19. People who eat dinner in bed vs People who eat dinner in the dining room

20. People who love cold vs People who love heat

21. People who sleep with just one pillow vs people who can build a castle with all their pillows

22. People who wear flip-flops with socks vs people who wear them without socks

23. People who don’t snooze vs people who love snoozing

Can you identify with any of these types of people? Do you know anyone who is the complete opposite of you? Tag them in the comment section!


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