An 18-Year-Old Hairstylist Creates Patterned Hairstyles That’ll Make You Lose Your Mind

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2 years ago

Whether it’s an everyday hairstyle or a special hairdo, all of us might want a style that’ll make us look like the bee’s knees. Milena Diekmann is an 18-year-old hairstylist who makes hair her canvas and creates unique hairstyles that can even outshine the work of famous Hollywood stylists.

Here at Bright Side, we are the sincere admirers of the young stylist’s work, and we’d love for you to take a look at some intricately patterned hairstyles that make Milena a rising star on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

The stylist’s passion for braiding started in her early childhood.

Milena started practicing basic braids on herself when she was in elementary school, so she was around 6 or 7 years old. When she was around 10, she started watching tutorials, learned a lot more braiding techniques, and tried out more intricate hairstyles. From that time on she pretty much did hairstyles every afternoon.

2 years ago she got her first synthetic wig, which gave her the possibility to try more complicated, woven hairstyles. Her passion for doing hairstyles developed slowly and increased over time. Now that she is 18 years old, she’s already been practicing for about 10 to 12 years.

No studio and no professional equipment, but she rocks it.

She does the hairstyles, that we see on her social media accounts, at home. However, she also works in a hair salon, where she helps out and does easier tasks, like washing hair and making appointments, since she is not a licensed hairdresser yet, and of course, she also does curls, wedding hairstyles, and updos. The salon is called Hair & Beauty Residenz and is located in her hometown in Germany.

The stylist’s inspiration comes from different sources.

Milena gets most of her inspiration by simply braiding without thinking. When braiding she completely lets go of any rules and just does whatever comes to her mind.

Her family has always supported her and her parents taught her to never give up on her dreams. She also has a very supportive team in the salon that she works at, above all her boss, who gave her the opportunity to work there even though she’s not a professional hairdresser yet. Her family, friends, and subscribers inspire her to create even more intricate hairstyles every day.

The young stylist has a lot of ambitions and dreams that are yet to come true.

Milena hasn’t participated in any contests yet, since she needs to have a certificate to do this. But she has already done hairstyles that have won the hearts of thousands of people and become her favorite ones too. One of them is a diagonal braid with flower braids, which also got a lot of recognition on her TikTok.

The young stylist dreams of becoming a highly professional and successful hairdresser and bringing this profession to a whole new level, since, in her opinion, the job of hairstylists is undervalued in her native country. She’d love to make a breakthrough and work for movies and fashion shows.

She has an answer to probably the most frequently asked question about her hairstyles.

When we asked Milena if it’s hard to unbraid the hair after such scrupulous and whimsical braiding, she said it’s pretty easy, as she combs the hair thoroughly before doing the hairstyles. However, natural hair may be a bit fussier about unbraiding. Milena is now doing most of her hairstyles on wigs.

Which hairstyle by Milena Diekmann has become one of your favorites after reading this article? Would you like to try something like this on your own natural hair?

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