12 People Whose Little Experiments With Their Looks Really Paid Off

2 years ago

Women do all sorts of things to make their eyelashes perfect: they put on mascara, dye them, curl them, use faux lashes, laminate them. But why not? Once, you make them just a bit longer and thicker, your entire look completely changes.

Bright Side was inspired by these women who tried a lot of things on their eyelashes to change their look. You can find even more things that can change a person’s look completely in the article’s bonus section.

“Decided to bite the bullet and get eyelash extensions! I was afraid I’d look like Lamb Chop, but she did a great job.”

The power of eyelashes!

“Eyelash extensions. The local place had a good deal and I’ve been curious. Amazing results!”

“Before and after lash lift and color. I do it every 5-6 weeks and I don’t need mascara or any other everyday makeup.”

“My blonde eyelashes with and without makeup”

“I used to think curling your eyelashes was a waste of time and then I started using waterproof mascara.”

Before and after. She said no lashes. I said, “Let me change your mind!”

“The result of me using an eyelash serum”

The right photo is with eyelash extensions and mascara.

“Blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. Before and after. I tend to take these sorts of photos a lot, just because the contrast is hilarious!”

“I got eyelash extensions. I look a little grumpy because I got up at 7 AM to get this done. Totally worth it!”

“I got eyelash extensions, but they were so long that I had to cut them a little bit.”

Bonus: Lashes aren’t the only thing that can change your look.

“Before and after some self improvement: lost fat, mewing, beard growth, hair bleaching, hair growth, fixed eyebrows, good sleep, healthy food, exercise, and acne treatment”

“Finally got bangs. Should’ve done it a long time ago!”

What do you do to take care of your eyelashes? Tell us or, even better, show us the tricks and methods you use?

Preview photo credit alexiagrace / Reddit


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