15+ People Who Have Mastered the Freedom of Being Different

2 years ago

People nowadays make a big effort to look like everybody else and it’s all due to social media and the fashion trends there. However, we forget how unique we all are and that our authenticity should be celebrated and not hidden. And we have a lot of examples that show why being yourself should be applauded.

Bright Side dug deep into the internet and would like to show you our 16 most unique and amazing body features.

1. This guy has 5 fingers and no thumb on one hand and one giant thumb on the other hand.

2. “My right eye is split vertically brown on one side and green on the other. As a baby it was blue and brown.”

3. “My extraordinarily flat feet”

4. “Baby Chanco was born with a lot of hair which kept growing. This is her at 7 months old.”

5. “One side of my facial hair turns into a swirl near my cheekbone.”

6. “I have a rare skin condition that allows me to draw on myself (dermatographia).”

7. “A friend of mine can grab things backward.”

8. Model Mekhi Alante Lucky with his gorgeous heterochromia

9. “My boss has a mole inside his belly button.”

10. “I have that weird disease where I lose circulation in some fingers/toes when I’m cold.”

11. “I have a natural elf ear.”

12. Kate Bosworth’s magnificent differently-colored eyes

13. “My arm/elbow does this.”

14. “I was cursed with a belly button that sticks out through my shirts.”

15. “My second toe is almost as long as my friend’s pinky finger.”

16. “Rare case of arachnodactyly”

Do you have any extraordinary feature on your body that the whole world might like to see? If so, please feel free to share your photos with us.

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