22 Dramatic Photos That Broke Our Hearts Into Pieces

4 years ago

We all know that life is tough, so we always keep a straight face, and we’re mostly ready for any unpleasant situation. But one day we see a cashier who decides to paint the nails of a girl with cerebral palsy or a musician who helps homeless people, and we understand that there’s still some good in this world.

Bright Side has collected impressive pictures showing that kindness is a true superpower.

A nail salon denied this girl service because “she moves too much.” So a cashier decided to buy nail polish and paint this girl’s nails during her break.

3D printed ultrasound for a blind, expectant mother

This is a photo of my grandad a couple weeks ago on his 95th birthday. He said, “At least now I can stop worrying about dying young.”

This rice farmer’s field was destroyed by water from a flooded cave where children were trapped. She only said, “It doesn’t matter. I just want the children to get out alive.”

Police are trying to rescue a drowning woman trapped in a car.

“My granddad had to move to a nursing home due to his Alzheimer’s getting worse. Whenever I visit him with my daughter, he lights up, and acts like he isn’t old anymore.”

A musician with a big heart

“I sold my truck to pay for her surgery.”

A shell-shocked soldier

“My graduating class and our 92-year-old classmate”

What a lovely woman and to reach Graduating at 93yrs!
I am sending a lot of "WELL DONE", I wish I have her name too.


“Today a tired little bee landed on my jacket. I offered it some jam from my donut, which it happily licked up, getting the energy to fly off again.”

“My wife and I were worried our daughter would have a hard time making friends in kindergarten. Turns out I have a different problem on my hands. ”

Dads attending a “doing your daughter’s hair” workshop

Garbage men taking a break

“It’s not always easy being a single dad, but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not.”

The other day our 2-year-old daughter’s favorite doll lost its leg. Despite this, she told her, “It’s okay, I love you the way you are.” Inspired by this, we got a wheelchair for her doll.

While waiting for the bus, this guy picked up all the trash around him and put it in the bin.

“My daughter is blind and for her 9th birthday party we made braille chocolate message slabs that said: I love you and Happy Birthday.”

“My little 3-year-old is pretending to be his daddy who works from home in IT. He’s got his keyboard, mouse, computer screen, and coffee.”

“Mom texted me, said she was going to be a mother again, a minute later I got this picture.”

“The people across the aisle didn’t know each other. She was flying for first time and was terrified. He talked her through it and held her hand. Just people being people.”

“This is the last note my grandfather left my grandma before he died.”

Is he any relation to the rather famous comic book artist from the 1970's by the name of Jim Steranko?


Do you have any kind pictures to share with us?


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