20+ Newlyweds Who’ve Proven Perfect Weddings Only Happen in the Movies

4 years ago

The wedding is a special day in every person’s life (at least for the bride). And it is special also because there are so many things that can go wrong on this day. There are things way worse than a problem with the bouquet, a fallen cake, or a late photographer.

We at Bright Side are 100% sure that the weddings that go as planned are not real weddings. This is why we think that all the problems that happen during weddings should be treated with humor. Like the people from our compilation did.

1. “It was so windy on the wedding day that the bride’s veil blew into the ocean. It took a team effort from the bride, the groom, and the photographers to get it out of the water. See epic photo:”

2. “My father-in-law hired these completely random dancers as a surprise. They took up half the reception time we’d booked so we didn’t get much time for dancing with our guests. That’s me in the back looking pissed! Don’t plan others’ weddings!”

3. Seagulls at their best

4. “The priest at my wedding fell asleep during mass and then proceeded to use the wrong name for my wife during our vows.”

5. Someone must have invited his ex-girlfriend.

6. “I thought I was seeing my soon-to-be-bride for the first time, then my brother stepped in...”

7. This black kitty wedding crasher, who’s known to wander around the church, decided to lay down on the bride’s dress and veil during the ceremony.

8. A fiery wedding

9. “I thought it was assumed that I should catch the bouquet. I ended up fighting a 10-year-old for it, and after yelling “Please, I’m 24,” I decided to let her have it because she’ll probably get married before me anyway. Then her mom made her give it back.

10. “My husband’s grandmother tripped while getting pictures and we tried to catch her. Instead, we all ended up on the floor.”

11. “My husband’s close friend was so happy, he spilled his glass of wine all over me. I go clean it up, return, and my dear friend sees me. I crack a joke and she full-on spits her entire mouthful of coffee on my dress. This is me in the bathroom being blown-dry for the second time.”

12. “I thought I was making a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. Later, I found out that this was the face I was making.”

13. Parents will be parents.

14. “I knew, at this very moment, that I had done something very wrong... And then proceeded to slip on the stairs during our grand entrance. My wife’s face says it all.”

15. “I danced so hard I ripped my pants...”

16. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding photo.

17. “I tried to be romantic and carry my wife out of the ceremony. Luckily, this was after she said ‘I do.’”

18. “The bride was in tears.”

19. “My bride asked for a photo of my reaction to her entrance. She slipped and fell.”

20. How about this for background music?

21. “I was recently the best man at a wedding in the Caribbean.”

22. “Our photographer made us come out early so the guests didn’t have to wait. I stepped on the front of my dress 3 steps from the bottom. My new husband Tim held onto me until we reached the bottom. He spiraled into the crowd and ripped his pants. My dress stayed in perfect shape.”

Did something funny happen at your wedding? Or, maybe, you have been to someone’s wedding when something went wrong?

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