12 Good Deeds That Ended in a Horrible Twist

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Occasionally, showing kindness can lead to unexpected outcomes, making us reassess our views on life and our willingness to help others. But even in difficult situations, we trust that those with kind hearts will remain true to their nature. Despite any surprises or disappointments in how others respond, we stand by them and encourage them to continue doing good deeds, no matter what.

  • We were asleep one night with the window open. We woke up because there was a couple walking down the road, arguing. The girl was closer than the guy. Next thing we know, the girl is banging on the door, begging to come in. We called the police.
    When they arrive, the couple was already gone. They told us that it’s a common ruse being used in the area to get you to open the door so they can rob you. © hideout78 / Reddit
  • I planned an entire wedding in 30 days for a coworker. I was the photographer, flower girl, bridesmaid, planned the bachelorette party, had my mom make all the food, found the waitstaff, the venue, made and set up all the decorations, all for FREE.
    A month later, the coworker got pregnant and left the job. She has not texted me once. © abbystarheart1 / Reddit
  • I spent 2 weeks doing research for a third-party company so that they can publish a report. All I did was Google prices for equipment in different locations, as the report is to see which locations offer the cheapest equipment rental (which they could have done themselves).
    Today I logged in to see an email which is 5 pages long, full of questions, complaining that the prices I found are higher than the results of last year’s survey. They’re also saying that they’ve searched themselves and asked me questions about what they’ve found. I feel like replying to their 5-page email with a single sentence: “Due to inflation, the prices have risen year-on-year.” © bonster85 / Reddit
  • It happened 6 years ago. I was in 4th grade, and I had volunteered for the past few months to sweep the classroom while everyone was getting in line to head out for the day. Everything was fine until this one day when I was sweeping, and someone knocked my book bag off my chair.
    The other kids just went around it or stepped over it. I felt frustrated because I was cleaning for them, yet they treated my belongings like they were trash. After that day, I stopped volunteering, and the teacher made other people do it. © Jobeast19 / Reddit
  • When a good friend of mine, whom I worked under, was diagnosed with a serious disease and couldn’t pay some bills, I loaned her $200 just to help. I was only 18 at the time and felt bad because she had kids. It was right around the holidays, and I just wanted to help. She promised to pay me back when she could.
    Turns out she lied about having cancer, was stealing from the company I worked at, scammed my other coworkers, and would come in after calling out of work for her chemo to make fraudulent returns while I was overseeing the store by myself because of her calling out. © Bigfatsmelly / Reddit
  • We had a new neighbor ask if he could borrow our lawn mower... Sure. Well, more or less, every week he would come and get it out of our garage, use it to cut his grass, then put it away without cleaning it or adding gas. In the fall, we “mentioned” it was a good time to get deals on a new mower. He never talked to us again. © FireandIceT / Reddit
  • A friend of mine was having trouble with her boyfriend. Since I was barely using my flat at that time, I offered her to stay for a few days to get some distance and work things out.
    She took the opportunity and cheated on her boyfriend with a mutual friend of ours. Then she involved me in the drama after it got out. She didn’t even have the decency to wash the bed sheets. © MyMindsW***on / Reddit
  • I used to cover a class for one teacher during my planning period fairly often. The one time I needed him to cover my class during his planning period, so I could attend a ceremony for my graduating seniors, he said no and proceeded to tell his own students (period I usually covered) that he “didn’t feel like babysitting.” Students obviously told me, since it upset them hearing that, and I stopped covering for him when he needed it. © missbookazoo / Reddit
  • I was visiting Rome with my family when I was around 10–11 years old. My dad gave me around 20 euros to buy whatever my little kid self wanted. I saw a homeless man with what looked like amputated legs (he had bandages on them, stained and soiled).
    So, I gave him my money with a smile, and he stands up, exposing his legs he was hiding among the blankets and bags, and walks off. I was in awe. © frankoshii / Reddit
  • At a gas station, a man in his early 30s — same age as me — came up to me and complimented my tattoos. We talked for 3 minutes about tattoos, and he asked me if I would buy him some snacks when I went to pay for my gas. I usually say no and am always friendly, but today I felt charitable.
    I came out with some Chili flavored Fritos, but he wanted the classic flavored ones and demanded I go back and exchange them. I told him I didn’t get a receipt from the cashier, pumped my gas, and took off with a quick goodbye. © CliplessWingtips / Reddit
  • I accidentally helped a guy steal a car when I saw him pushing it from behind as if it had broken down. By the time we got it to the top of the hill and engaged in conversation, it dawned on me that the car wasn’t his to push away. © dmx_2019 / Reddit
  • I worked as a manager at a grocery store in a fairly middle-class neighborhood. One day, as I was closing the store and leaving for the night, I saw a guy who was stranded because his car battery died. He noticed me leaving and asked for help, so I told him I’d pull my car over and give him a jump.
    As I got the jumper cables from my trunk, someone jumped into my car and drove off. The guy then started his car and left too. © Forcekin6532 / Reddit

Life has a knack for surprising us, and unfortunately, not all surprises are pleasant. In this article, you’ll discover stories of people who stumbled upon devastating truths that completely overturned their lives.


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