I Found My Mom’s Secret Diary and Revealed a Family Secret That Is Destroying My Life Now

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3 months ago

A woman, 36, has recently sent us a letter, in which she told us her mind-boggling family story. The woman was sorting her mom’s things after her funeral and found a diary that she had no idea ever existed. Her mother made many entries in this diary, but there was something that became an eye-opening discovery for the woman, who didn’t even suspect that such dramatic events had been happening in her own family, with her own parents.

The woman’s mom died and the grief was immense.

A woman, 36, named Helen, wrote us a letter and told us a story that happened in her family and which has now become a thing that is ruining her own life.

Helen started her letter, saying that her mother passed recently from cancer and this was the biggest grief of Helen’s life, which she’s still recovering from. The woman wrote, «My mom died of cancer one month ago. I had been taking care of her during the past two years, and I was watching her slowly declining, day by day, without being able to do anything for her. She was diagnosed too late, and neither of the chemo therapies she went through, helped her. I was prepared for the fact that mom would pass soon, but when it happened, my grief was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even cry my pain out, I was just numb.»

Helen revealed that she had a special kind of relationship with her late mom. The woman wrote, «My mom loved me more than anything. She would spoil me, she would be my best friend, my wisest mentor, my most loving person in the universe. I paid her with a doubled love in return, we were very close.»

Surprisingly, Helen’s relationship with her brother wasn’t of the same kind as with her mom. The woman revealed, «My older brother, Sam, is the person whom I have never been able to fully understand. He has always been very distant with me, since my childhood, and I didn’t see any obvious reason for it. No, he wasn’t aggressive to me and he never offended me. He was just behaving like I was having some disease that would spread on him if he contacted with me, this has always been so weird, provided our mom loved us both equally, and there wasn’t any discrimination in our family.»

Things started to get wrong right after the mother’s funeral.

Helen goes on with her story, saying, that after her mom’s funeral, her brother approached her and said they needed to talk. Helen revealed, «Sam insisted that I don’t touch mom’s thing by any means, and he said that he would sort them, and then he’d take the things he’d want to keep and let me choose the ones I would want to keep, too. I was so much overwhelmed by my grief that I agreed, but in heart of hearts, I knew this was so wrong from Sam’s side to not allow me to touch mom’s things.»

But then, Sam’s wife started giving birth, it was an out-of-schedule delivery and Sam rushed to his family to support his wife. So, Helen decided to use the opportunity and started to sort mom’s things alone.

Helen said, «I thought that it would be just unfair if someone, even if it’s my brother, would prohibit me to approach the belongings of my dearest person on Earth. I decided to ignore Sam’s conditions and started looking through mom’s things alone. I thought that I would keep only a few of them, and I was sure that Sam wouldn’t want them, as they had no special meaning for him. So, I thought everything was fair enough. And now I wish I actually listened to Sam and never approached mom’s stuff, because what I found in the process is now taking a toll on my life.»

The woman found her mom’s diary and read it, despite being asked not to.

Helen goes on with her story, saying, «I was looking through my late mom’s belongings, when I suddenly came across a very old, half-torn book. It turned out to be mom’s personal diary, and she had been actively writing entries in it only for 2 years, which was even before I was born.»

Helen revealed that the title page contained some handwritten text, in which her mom asked anyone who’d find this diary to keep away from it and to respect her privacy. Despite this warning, Helen overcame her remorse and started reading it.

The woman said, «I knew I was doing a very disrespectful thing while ignoring mom’s prohibition to read the content of this book. But I was grieving, I needed a part of her in my life so badly, and I felt she would forgive me for reading through her diary.»

Helen added, «While reading it, I finally understood why my brother had been behaving in such a weird way during all my conscious life. The fact is that he turned out to be not my brother, but my...Father!»

The woman’s revelation was a real knock down for her.

Helen explained, «Mom wrote that when she married my dad, he had three adult children, and she had none. Mom and dad both wanted to have a kid together, but dad had serious health issues, which brought severe complications and one of them was that he couldn’t have kids anymore.»

Helen continues, saying, «Mom wrote that they didn’t want to use a male donor’s material for fertilization, so they asked dad’s son, Sam, to be the actual donor. According to mom, they both felt that was the best decision. She explained it in her diary that their kid would have dad’s genes, and they knew Sam’s health, personality, and intelligence, which made him a very good donor. And Sam agreed to help.»

Helen concluded, «So, I’m 36 now. And I know now that my „father“ is my grandfather, my „brother“ is my father, my two „sisters“ are my aunts. Mom wrote that she and dad had been anxious and confused about telling me about this. Dad passed many years ago and took this secret to the grave with him, and now mom passed, and this truth was revealed after her death. I wish I just could hear this all from her, this would have explained so much for me.»

Helen doesn’t know how to live with this truth now.

Helen revealed that after she found out this family secret, she «couldn’t recover from shock.»

The woman said, «This all was so unexpected, and it’s now making my relationship with Sam almost impossible. I called him right after I found out, and firstly, I congratulated him with the birth of his baby boy, and then I told him that I was aware of the truth. He was numb, and then he started shouting at me, blaming it on me that I read the diary without permission, and he even started calling me names and directly offending me. He had never done this before, I was shocked and scared, and I thought this was the end to our relationship at all.»

Helen concluded, «Sam and I cut ties, but I find it so painful, and I really want him back in my life. I want to talk to him about everything, and I want us to build a healthy relationship after I found out the secrets of the past. But he completely disappeared from my life, and I don’t even know how he named his baby. I feel like I’m dead for him now, but I can’t see what my fault is.»

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