15 Life Situations That Used to Be Normal and Now Look Wild

3 years ago

For many years, our parents and grandparents have lived by a set of rules that were considered normal. “Get married when you’re 20 years old,” “That’s not for men,” “Boys don’t cry” — how many times have we heard something like this? But life goes on, the times are changing, and now we see many things from a different angle.

We at Bright Side were thinking about how many things have changed in the past 20-30 years. And we decided to show the difference between what it used to be like before and what it’s like today. It turned out that our habits and values have changed quite a bit, and the things that used to be normal are really wild today.

When are you going to get married?

When will we have grandchildren?

When are you going to have a second child?

How much do you earn?


Why so expensive?

What, you have nothing else to do?

Kids aren’t smarter than their parents.

You’re a boy/girl, why do you want this?

Nobody will marry a woman with a child.

It’s better to do it all at once.

Boys fight and girls don’t.

Working at the same place

Being a boss is a man’s job.

You don’t need to love your job.

Do you think that life has really changed a lot or not?


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yup. true. life has changed a lot these days ( specially in covid (us all getting crazy)


The last one, is the Dad gonna pay for the courses?
And 150 dollar sneakers were expensive back then. For comparison, could have used 1000 or 1500 dollar sneakers now.


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