Courteney Cox Shared a Workout Video Wearing a Tiny Bikini and Everyone Noticed the Same Thing

2 weeks ago

Courteney Cox, the celebrated actress from the iconic series Friends and the Scream franchise, recently turned 60 and took to Instagram to share her thoughts on this milestone. In a candid and humorous video, Cox revealed her unconventional anti-aging techniques, including an intense workout regimen and cryotherapy sessions, all while donning a tiny bikini.

Courteney Ive looked at all your photo's and WOW !!! You look Manifique even with the Beauty mask on ... Your skin is near Perfect, well for 60 *It is Perfect !!! *


Courteney posted a video reflecting on her recent birthday. “So, I just had a birthday. Don’t love the number, but look, we have no choice. Just gotta do the best you can,” she remarked with a pragmatic approach to aging. The video then transitioned into a montage showcasing her grueling fitness routine.

Cox’s fitness routine is nothing short of impressive. The video featured her performing a series of demanding exercises such as chin-ups, chest flies, and leg raises using sophisticated gym equipment in her home gym. Her dedication to maintaining her physique at 60 is evident and has garnered admiration from fans and celebrities alike.

After her workout session, the video took an unexpected turn as Courteney emerged from a tiny freezer wearing a white face mask and a red light cap, known for stimulating hair follicles. Looking at the camera, she quipped, “What? It’s cryotherapy.”

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, involves the local or general use of low temperatures in medical treatment and is acclaimed for its potential benefits in reducing inflammation and promoting recovery.

The video quickly garnered a flood of positive comments. Fans praised Cox for her inspiring dedication and youthful appearance, with comments such as "60 has NEVER looked better!" and "You are always so gorgeous and funny."

Others praised her fit body, saying "You look hot," and "You’re in great shape!"

Courteney Cox’s candid approach to aging, combined with her rigorous fitness routine and willingness to embrace unconventional methods like cryotherapy, has made her a source of inspiration. Her followers and celebrity friends alike celebrate her commitment to health, fitness, and maintaining a positive, humorous attitude towards aging.


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