12 Real Events That Had the Strangest Plot Twists

2 weeks ago

Life is incredibly unpredictable, and that's what makes it exciting. We might think we know someone well or make future plans with a close person, only for everything to change suddenly, leaving us facing completely different scenarios. The stories we're sharing today are filled with mind-blowing plot twists that left people utterly stunned.

  • When Mom was 14, Grandma would make her peanut butter cake once a month on Sundays. Everyone would eat except Mom, who Grandma claimed was allergic to peanuts. They’d eat so much that they’d all fall into a deep sleep for hours.
    One day, Grandad grew suspicious and searched the trash. He was appalled to find empty tablets of a herbal medicine used for sleeping. When he confronted Grandma about it, she revealed that she and Mom looked forward to that day to go for a stroll in town and get their favorite ice cream while the family took a comfortable nap. It was their little mother-and-daughter secret fun ritual. Grandad laughed when he heard this, and the tradition continued until Mom turned 21.
  • I dated someone last year for a couple of months, and things were pretty good between us.
    One day, he grew cold and distant out of the blue, and I thought I had done something wrong.
    The next thing I knew, he uploaded a picture on Facebook of him kissing a woman. They have been together ever since. © nicksbrunchattiffany / Reddit
  • My niece had back pain for a couple of months. One time, she visited us for lunch and experienced horrible back and stomach pain, crying in bed from the pain. We took her to the hospital, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was even more surprised than us. © ZeoBorlis / Reddit
  • My mom's second husband, whom she swore had died in a car accident, was actually still alive and living in Africa. I discovered this when I talked to his brother on the phone after randomly finding his name on a list of numbers while working as a scam telemarketer. © su***de-sauce / Reddit
  • A professor of mine started his PhD at a top 10 school but was kicked out in the second year after failing the qualifying exam multiple times. Not giving up, he then went to a much lower-ranking school and completed his PhD there. Before graduating, he managed to publish a few papers in top journals and returned to the first school as an assistant professor. © lamsiyuen / Reddit
  • I just found out that my husband of 11 years has a girlfriend, which is shocking enough. But the plot thickens: his new girlfriend is 13 years younger and his best friend's stepdaughter. © riverwild0703 / Reddit
  • My roommate had a crush on a girl we were both friends with, and it took him almost an entire school year to ask her out. They went on one date and then both went home for the summer to "think about it." They got back to school and "dated" for a few weeks.
    Plot twist 1: She broke up with him because she didn't think it was going to work from the beginning.
    Plot twist 2: Four months later, he asked out her roommate, and they have been dating for five months. We're all still friends. © HackaToaster / Reddit
  • About a month ago, a friend of mine quit the job we had because he was fed up with the management. Just 10 minutes after he stormed off, we all got laid off. He couldn't collect unemployment, so that happened. © KinToast / Reddit
  • My elementary school boyfriend is about to be the best man at my junior high boyfriend’s wedding AND the best man at my high school boyfriend’s wedding. I really haven’t had that many boyfriends, our hometown isn’t that small, and none of them were really friends when I "dated" any of them. © caroline_andthecity / Reddit
  • My best friend (let's call her Emmie) had an ex-boyfriend (Nathan) who left her for another girl (Sara). Sara later cheated on Nathan and left him for another guy. During this time, Emmie moved on and stopped caring about Nathan.
    They ended up in the same French class at university. Emmie knew about what had happened, and Nathan felt ashamed. © CloudixX / Reddit
  • My niece had a really good friend in high school, and my sister was friends with her friend's mom as well. They were always helping each other out. One day, my niece's friend showed pictures of a family gathering and recognized my dad. She said that he was her grandpa, and that's how we found out we had 4 more sisters. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • There was a girl I liked and wanted to be more than friends with, but I didn't think she felt the same way. As it turns out, she did. She's getting married now, and I only found out from the groom this morning. It quickly turned into a bit of a heated discussion between the two of us. © Bad_Salad / Reddit

Just as people we know can surprise us, strangers can also do something that completely catches us off guard. In this compilation, you'll read about 14 strangers who did something that can’t be forgotten, and you might shed a tear or two.


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