15+ Guys That Would Give Anything for a Minute of Sleep

2 years ago

We are sure that many people have had times in their lives when they just wanted to get a good night’s sleep. At times like that, you start to value the simple things: a good bed, clean sheets, and a comfortable pillow. From lack of sleep, not only do our bodies suffer, but funny stories also happen because our brains just don’t function normally.

Not very long ago, we at Bright Side discussed some funny situations that happened to us because of a lack of sleep. It turns out that internet users also have something to say about this important topic.

  • A long time ago, I had a job where I worked the night shift. Once, right after work, my friend and I went to a night club where we had a lot of fun. I don’t even remember how I fell asleep at my friend’s place, I was so exhausted. In the morning, I got a call from my boss asking me how my shift went the day before. And he was on vacation at the moment. I opened my eyes and I couldn’t understand where I was. Anyway, I said I was working my second shift in a row, hung up the phone, and went back to sleep. My boss called HR and yelled at all of them, but then I got in trouble.

I came to work like this and realized that I really needed a vacation.

  • This week, I was extremely tired, and I decided to go to bed earlier because my eyes were closing. Then I had a dream that my first 2 lectures were canceled so I could sleep in. Even when sleeping, I remembered that my alarm was set for 6:50 AM, so I had to change it. So, I woke up, grabbed my phone, started to change the alarm, and then I realized that I’d finished college several years ago and I needed to go to work. I was so sad and slept during whatever time I had left before the alarm. © ElektroOniks / pikabu

  • My older son didn’t sleep much until he was one year old. Like almost never. He didn’t sleep at all! When he wasn’t sleeping, he was either screaming or eating. I went to work like it was a vacation because I could sleep on the train for 40 minutes. I’d fall asleep anywhere, just as soon as my body found anything to lean on. At first, I found that I could sleep standing, and then I realized I could even sleep while walking. It’s been more than 20 years since then and I still feel sleepy. © Doddy / pikabu

  • When I had a daughter, I had no idea I would have to forget about sleep for 3 years. Once, my husband went on a business trip, my mother-in-law got sick, and my mom was out of town. Anyway, I was alone with a 3-month-old baby. Those 2 weeks were a nightmare. I slept maybe 2 hours a day. My daughter would only sleep if I held her in my arms, carried her around the room, and sang songs to her. My husband returned and that night we woke up to our daughter’s crying, he witnessed a moment of extreme exhaustion: I grabbed a pillow and started singing lullabies to it.

  • My husband and I had twins. It was a tough time. Once, we managed to get them both to sleep. My husband went to the bathroom and I wanted something to drink. I was in the kitchen sitting quietly in the dark. He got out of the bathroom and couldn’t find me in any of the rooms. He kept running around the place searching for me. When he finally found me in the kitchen, he was terrified, “I thought you ran away!” He was really scared. And honestly, I thought about it. © rusvod17 / pikabu

  • A week ago, I threw away a teaspoon and put an empty pack of honey into the fridge. Yesterday, I couldn’t find toothpaste, and it turned out it was in the fridge too. On Friday, I tried to stick my key into a keyhole upside down. And a few hours ago, I got into the bathtub to relax but realized I was still wearing my socks. I then understood that taking a bath wouldn’t solve all my problems. I need a vacation, a big one. © Buhalsbomjami / pikabu

  • I work as a driver in international transportation. I was at the border and I was talking to the officers about fighting sleepiness. One old driver said, “I have a teddy bear in my car. I talk to him.” We didn’t understand how that could help and he said, “It doesn’t. It’s when he starts to answer my questions, that I realize it’s time to stop.” © merc.124 / pikabu

  • 4 years and 2 months without vacation or sick leave, in any weather, 2 jobs, taking care of my wife and 2 daughters. Today, I finally paid off my mortgage in full. Tomorrow, I’m taking a vacation and maybe I’ll finally remember what it’s like to wake up not completely exhausted. © Aproximator / pikabu

  • I came out of the supermarket and saw a guy trying to open my car. I used the remote key to open my car and I watched the guy’s reaction. He looked at me with sleepy eyes, then he looked at the car, at his keys, and then at an identical car parked nearby. He apologized and explained that he was exhausted from work. I told him he should take the subway if he was really this tired. I opened the trunk to put my bags inside and went to clean the windshield. The man came back to my trunk, put his bag inside, closed it, looked at me, took his bag out, and said, “Yeah, I should take the subway.” © Alvion / pikabu

  • I was on my way home and I saw a 10-year-old boy with a backpack. I saw him fall on the ground and not move. I ran toward him and checked on him. The boy looked at me with his tired eyes and said, “I’m fine. I’m just tired.” © faiko / pikabu

  • My job is being at a hotel lobby for 9 hours every day, meeting guests and saying goodbye to them. I was so tired yesterday, that when I was in the subway and my train came, people came out through the door and I said, “Good evening, welcome to our hotel.” © sunnyhead / pikabu

  • I was on the bus and there was a man sitting in front of me. His face was very irritated and exhausted. His phone rang and he said, “When? Now? Should be done by tomorrow?” And then he smiled and said, “You know what? I’m not doing the project. Not soon, not tomorrow, not ever! I’m tired. I quit!” He hung up the phone. The guy never stopped smiling while I was on the bus for the next 20 minutes. © Psycho007 / pikabu

  • I rarely feel physically exhausted. But today, I was waiting at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, and then I realized there would be no green light because there was no traffic light at that intersection. © marshallmigrain / twitter
  • It was spring. I was 8 years old and I fell asleep really early. My older brothers woke me up because it was time to go to school. I asked them, “Why is it not sunny?” They said, “It’s not a sunny day today.” Well, I got up, started packing my stuff, washed my face, put on my clothes. I was almost ready to go when I decided to tell my parents that I was leaving. My mom asked me, “Where are you going? It’s 11 PM.” This was when I realized my brothers tricked me. We still laugh when we remember this prank. © gagota / pikabu

  • My biggest disappointment was when I was tired and I went to the supermarket to buy pancakes with strawberries for breakfast. I’d dreamed about them the entire night and in the morning, I realized it wasn’t strawberries drawn on the pack. It was meat. © Podslushano / Ideer

  • I was on my way out of the subway after work. I was exhausted and I was in a terrible mood. Then, a guy just grabs my bag and starts running away. I was stunned and I realized that I didn’t care. He stole, so be it. I kept going. Then, this guy comes back and gives me back my bag and says, “I can’t do this. You’re supposed to chase me. I’m sorry. Bye.” He ran away. © Podslushano / Ideer

What funny things have happened to you when you didn’t have enough sleep? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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I'm surprised that the girl paid for the 2 seats, most people here wouldn't care


Just looking at these people makes me wanna sleep... maybe I'm too tired


I was working as the sub division in charge at one time in the electricity department. It was a demanding job with 24*7 network maintenance, customer grievances and handling a big team of field staff and officers. The long words were spoken in short forms like dtr for distribution transformers etc.
One such night I was messaging with one friend about work and then bade goodnight. He replied, good night, sd.
I texted him sub division ? Is there any emergency?
He replied, "sweet dreams"


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