12 Stories About Grandmothers Who Would Walk Through Fire for Their Grandchildren

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3 years ago

Everyone knows how grandmothers love to take care of their grandchildren. We all remember the mountains of freshly baked pancakes and pies that our grandmothers made for us as soon as we appeared at their doorstep. Often grandmothers protected us from the strict rules of our parents. But what makes the attitude of grandmothers toward their grandchildren so special?

At Bright Side, we decided to find more stories about grandmothers on the internet. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes — a bit sad.

  • A friend of mine once told me a real story from his childhood. He and his sister went for a visit to their grandmother.

Grandmother: “I don’t really feel well. It seems I might die soon.”

Children: “Please granny, you’ll outlive us all.”

Grandmother: “Really? Well, I wish.” © MelanieLim / Pikabu

When my 9 year old grandson asked me how old I was I asked him how old he thought I was. 100 was his reply. I laughed and said no I'm 50.

He gave me a big hug and then said to me that I'm not allowed to die until I'm 100 because he wants his grandchildren to be looked after by me. I said that his grandchildren will be looked after by him and to my shock he started crying that he didn't know anything about being a grandparent and that I'm the best grandma in the world. I gave him a hug and told him that when he was born I didn't know how to be a grandma and had to learn as I went along and that I was absolutely sure he would be even better than me.

Every time he has been here when it's time to go home he always says bye to the best grandma and in the world

  • When I was about 4 years old, my grandma came for a visit. She brought chocolate along with her. I love chocolate. My mom forbade me from eating it. A few days later, my mom left me with my grandma while she and my dad ran some errands. As grandparents do, she always spoiled me and let me have as much chocolate as I wanted. Suddenly, my parents returned. I began to cry, my mouth filled with delicious prohibited chocolate. It was then that my grandma bestowed upon me one of life’s most enduring lessons, she said, “If you put it in your mouth, they can’t take it away from you.” © lauramonster / Reddit

  • Once, at the age of about 7, I lied noisily tossing and turning on a cot in my Nana’s bedroom. The adults had tried frustratingly for hours to help me get to sleep, but I was still unable to. Suddenly Nana crept in wearing her little-old-lady nightie, whispered sympathetically that she couldn’t sleep either, and lied down beside me on the ground before saying very quietly, “Let’s have a race to see who can fall asleep first!” I won. © TheBlackWomb / Reddit
  • Grandmother says to her daughter (my mother):

— You can’t sit on a bed. A bed is for sleeping. You can sit on a chair.

Grandmother says to me (her granddaughter):

— You can sit on a bed but you can’t jump on it. It’s not a trampoline.

Grandmother says to my children (her great-grandchildren):
— Jump, sweeties, jump as much as you want. It’s so fun! © annka.nuha / Pikabu

  • I remember my mother insisted that I should know how to cook, and my granny said that I didn’t have to. When I asked her why, she replied that once, my grandfather came home and said that he had been promoted. She laid the table and they celebrated this moment. The next day she realized that his life had changed — he had new tasks and new responsibilities — while her life had stayed the same. That was why my grandmother reckoned that I had time to get married and learn how to cook, while studying was much more important. © Laavi T / Quora
  • Sometimes I think of how my granny can butter rock-hard Kerrygold into cloud-soft bread without making so much as a dent, and I understand why she’s so disappointed in “people today.” © eithneshortall / Twitter
  • I told my granny I’d get her fish and chips on Tuesday and forgot. My granny can’t remember who I am most days, so she’d hardly remember the fish and chips. I called her to tell her I was coming. She says, “I’m still waiting on those fish and chips you promised.” Makes you think, doesn’t it? © JoeMcdo05986552 / Twitter
  • Since I was 18 years old, I’ve heard from my granny say that I should have children, the clock is ticking. I’m 26 now, and I have a lot of nephews and nieces. Granny has to babysit with a couple of them. Recently, we were sitting and watching the children play, and she suddenly said, “Take your time having children. It’s so tiring and hard. You can do so many interesting things, so take your time!” © nikto.drugoy / Pikabu

Do you have interesting stories about your grandmother? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit © lauramonster / Reddit


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Decades ago I heard that "Grandmothers and Granddaughters are united by a common enemy!" and for me it was the most true aphorism that I had ever heard!


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