15+ Times People Spotted a Little Miracle in Their Life

2 years ago

The first miracle in every person’s life is their own birth, which is often overseen as something usual. Most people are waiting for something grand, like magically winning the lottery, to use the word “miracle.” And yes, that would be the best miracle ever, but there are so many smaller things happening around us every single day.

Bright Side knows that life moves fast, and that’s why we should enjoy every little moment, no matter how small or insignificant it might look.

1. “My son resting on his mother’s chest”

2. “Decomposing jeans I found on the job yesterday”

3. “This tree ate a road sign.”

4. “Our local giant wood moth”

5. “Instead of a cash donation box, this café has a ’tap and go’ credit card reader to donate to the blind.”

6. “This decorative cover for a pointy roof”

7. “This shoe being reclaimed by nature”

8. “Think she’ll say yes?”

9. “This basket stinkhorn I found while hiking”

10. “What a pinecone looks like before it opens up”

11. “Meet Mask and his space eyes.”

12. “A macaw passing by as a colleague was traveling through Brazil”

13. “A turtle gets the best brush massage of its life.”

14. “This chicken I ate for dinner looks like a fish.”

15. “A peacock, ready to fly”

16. “I have clinodactyly and my pinky fingers only spread out this far.”

17. “I have one eyelash that has grown extra long and is only brown up to where it should have stopped growing.”

Have you ever seen anything that made your day and taught you to appreciate every little thing in life?


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