20 Pics That Will Give You Happy Vibes

2 years ago

The mere act of smiling (even a forced one) can do wonders for the body, according to experts. A simple grin can trigger the brain into releasing happy hormones, which are good for the immune system. So even if you weren’t genuinely feeling joy, turning a frown upside down will instantly shift your mood and keep you healthy as well.

Bright Side believes that we need more happy vibes in our lives, so we collected 20 photos that are brimming with so much joy that we can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

1. “The look on that seal’s face”

2. “I had my leg amputated and an anonymous person sent me this bear, which was made just like me. This made my day.”

3. “Took my son ice fishing for the first time yesterday. He caught a fish and I didn’t.”

“Seeing that smile, I’m glad it wasn’t the other way around.”

4. “Our 2 dogs were separated from each other for the first time over the holidays. This is how they slept in the car upon being reunited.”

5. “Paralyzed for the past 10 years, my dad was able to get in the ocean for the first time during his 60th birthday trip to Hawaii!”

6. “This little lady is very proud of herself for hopping on the hay bale. She’s only 3 days old too.”

7. “My second graders did a wonderful job decorating the dress I wore for class pictures and on the last day of school.”

8. “My grandpa radiating pure happiness without his dentures.”

9. “Dad just retired after 36 years. Here he is sitting on an engine of his Boeing 757 for his final flight.”

10. “Our neighbor from India asked if we had a sauté pan for him to borrow. We did, and this is how he returned it.”

11. “My vision may be impaired, but I’m snowboarding!”

12. “I took a photo of a Thai man getting a hug from his buddy. Pure happiness.”

13. “She’s 17 years old and still going strong.”

14. “My son was diagnosed with Leukemia at 2 years old. He just rang the bell to mark the end of his chemotherapy treatment!”

15. “Proudly standing next to my most ambitious stone carving yet, unveiled yesterday in my hometown.”

16. “Several months ago I decided to adopt a baby after pregnancy loss and infertility. Well, she is here! And her dog loves her.”

17. “My kids playing outside. It makes my heart happy to see how much pure joy is in this photo.”

18. What 20 years of true friendship looks like

19. “My future brother-in-law asking my niece to start their new adventure together when he marries her mommy next month.”

“She cried tears of joy... but said yes!”

20. “My Nana knitted a blanket for a baby elephant in South Africa. It arrived yesterday from the UK after 4 months, and she is so happy!”

What do you do to cheer yourself up whenever you’re feeling down? What kind of things or pictures make you feel happy?

Preview photo credit v*****pirate / Imgur


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