15+ Pics That Hold More Emotion Than Your Favorite Romance Novel

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We may all know this feeling when we watch a movie, read a book, or even play a computer game and find ourselves moved to tears. Scientists explain that what makes us care so much about a character is a sense of “agency.” In the process of evolution, we learned to project our own thoughts and feelings onto other people and things.

Here at Bright Side, we strongly believe that life is sometimes even more intricate and touching than any movie. We’d love for you to see 16 photos that prove this. Dive into the world of real emotion together with us.

1. “My baby boy’s first scream”

2. “Some things I’m doing with ashes in glass so that people can have their departed loved one with them everywhere.”

3. “My grandma has dementia. My little brother was scared because she was yelling a lot, but decided to be brave and give her a hug.”

4. “Twin day at school.”

5. “My twin. Even the T-shirts express the bond.”

6. “My baby boy has the best hair and a sleepy stare!”

7. “I lost some weight and now I’m having a miracle baby!”

“I was told growing up that I might never have children, as I suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and never had periods. After losing around 65 pounds, I managed to magically get pregnant on my birthday!”

8. “Opened my wife’s purse and started laughing. She asked what was so funny.”

9. “Money was tight. Mom made me this unicorn costume 25 years ago.”

“She still talks about it to this day. She was so proud. Bless her heart.”

10. “My 74-year-old grandpa, with COPD, and I on a roller coaster. He was so excited!”

11. “My sister lost her boyfriend of nearly 10 years. This is how my vicious pit bull handled her sadness.”

12. “My parents passed away when I was young, so this is my way of saying only time keeps us apart.”

13. “My husband slid this note under the bathroom door. I married him for good reasons.”

14. “Happy 18th Birthday, Kiko! She’s been through 1 wife, 3 or 4 girlfriends, kids growing up having their own kids, 4 houses, and most of her teeth.”

15. “Her name is Yadia, she lives in Uganda, and I love her completely.”

“I serve on the board of a small organization that provides education for Ugandan children through sponsorship. Part of the sponsorship money goes to feeding the family of the sponsored child.”

16. “My wife and I made a thing. He’s about 16 bananas heavy, 2 bananas in length. We love him.”

What is the photo from your family archive that will make you emotional even after 100 years? What is the story behind that photo?


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