17 Honest Pictures From an Artist That Treats the Hard Parts of Motherhood With Humor

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4 years ago

It is great when you can deal with difficulties with a sense of humor and it is even better when you can draw. Artist Anastasiya Lykova got lucky: she has a son and she knows for a fact how entertaining, and sometimes difficult, parenting can be. And Anastasiya creates cool pictures about the situations that every mother can relate to.

We at Bright Side have already seen her work and we want them to improve your mood too.

“I was so happy when I had my son that I completely forgot about the torture I went through during labor.”

“Important: This is only temporary. My hair is great now.”

“I’ve seen mothers do ab exercises with their babies. My attempts at doing sports end like this.”

“Some days are like this.”

“If you see a person with a bright sticker on their body, this person probably has children who are going through the sticker period.”

“If my son wakes up while I’m cooking, the kitchen turns into a mess: the food gets burned and I just can’t handle it.”

“Who needs exercise when you have a child?”

“This is what grandmothers do.”

“I compared my bicep with my friend’s the other day... She won. She has 2 kids.”

“What’s next?”

“I still rock my baby. He will only sleep in my hands.”

“I can’t get back to driving because my son, apparently, hates being in the car.”

“I have a lot of experience in parenthood, relationships, and household management. I practiced in The Sims!”

“When will he talk?”

“Children love imitating. My son is the same — he saw me and my mother doing makeup and he decided he needed some too.”

“Instead of a cute baby, a huge green monster can appear in a matter of seconds.”

“I spend time looking at other mother’s pages... and I have no idea how they do that.”

Mothers, do you find these situations familiar? Did you recognize yourself in any of them?

Preview photo credit real.nastya / instagram


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When I had my daughter I felt the same thing the person who made these comics did! We, moms are just too strong! Go moms!


I already appreciate how brave and strong moms are, but after seeing this, I mean... moms rock!


Ohhhhh...i was literally fade up that should i vo with baby or all worst clloths or all over work...but i am lucky that my baby sleeping and eating well as i wish the same


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