12 Celebrities Who Changed Just One Thing About Their Looks, and Became Way More Attractive

4 years ago

Famous people rarely keep the same haircut, hair color, or style of makeup for many years. They often have to experiment with their appearance for a role in a movie or a music video. But sometimes, they want a transformation too — they don’t want to become boring! However, you don’t always need a radical transformation: sometimes, you just need to change something small to make a big difference.

We at Bright Side are sure that sometimes, all you need is just one good solution in order to change how you look. And the people from our compilation prove this idea to be true.

1. Dakota Johnson has bangs that are a great match for her forehead.

2. Demi Moore stopped wearing contact lenses and she now wears glasses.

3. Jennifer Aniston often wears glasses that highlight how unique she is.

4. Henry Cavill removed his facial hair that hid his perfectly symmetrical face and powerful chin.

5. Kate Hudson changed her hairstyle and now the average-length hair highlights her rounded face.

6. Sienna Miller stopped using bronzer.

7. Emilia Clarke got rid of her bangs that made her face look shorter.

8. Maisie Williams got rid of the bangs that didn’t compliment her triangle-shaped face.

9. Zayn Malik removed his light-pink hair that didn’t look very good with his dark facial hair.

10. Emma Roberts removed her bangs that distorted the proportions of her face.

11. Bill Kaulitz stopped dying his hair which made his look more appealing.

12. Amber Rose, who has naturally brown eyes, wears blue-colored lenses that make her look more dynamic combined with the warm color of her skin.

What appearance experiments have you done and what helped you discover your unique look?


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Wow, Henry Cavill with longer hair and facial hair.. very retro!


How cool how changing a small thing can make a big difference


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