18 Pics That Show the World Is Full of Special Things, and You Can Find Them Everywhere

2 years ago

No need to go to the other side of the world to find something special. You can discover things in places as simple as a public bathroom or an old attic. Life is full of cool events when we’re open to them. Just try to kick that stress aside and spend the day looking around.

We at Bright Side are sure that each day can have at least a little wonder, and here are some pics that prove it.

1. “Get the good boy some roasted chicken.”

2. “It got hit by a bear last night. He left fingerprints.”

3. “This book was completely ravaged by termites.”

4. “Look at this oddly shaped banana I found.”

5. “I had to pay 50 cents to use the restroom, but there is a cutout for kids to use it for free.”

6. “This giant blueberry I found today”

7. “This ’ice grass’ that forms at my job sites”

8. “The frost on my car window was melted by the sun through the mirror.”

9. These ants found shelter on a tennis ball.

10. “There was a billiard ball inside of my bocce ball.”

11. “This fungus looks like a chocolate-covered doughnut.”

12. “This restaurant near my house uses concrete sewer pipes for outdoor seating.”

13. “The way a tiny crab builds this pattern out of sand balls”

14. “This pipe was painted to look like the bricks.”

15. “This plant growing out of a traffic cone”

16. “The snow melted and slid down the wire in a spiral form.”

17. “How these clam shells fit together”

18. “The inside of this apple was eaten by wasps.”

How is your day going? What special things did you see today?

Preview photo credit RonaldRevan/reddit, gap343/reddit


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