15 Tweets That Prove All Women Have Hidden Ninja Talent

2 years ago

In medieval Japan, it was required that ninjas learn at least 18 individual martial arts, including training in horsemanship and swimming. But times have changed: nowadays, we need a completely different set of skills. However, some people still have such unique talents that they would leave the best shinobi jealous, like losing no socks to your dryer or tricking your loved ones into eating veggies.

We at Bright Side are proudly sharing tweets about some of the awesome talents women possess.

  • My sister left a sandwich in the fridge with her name on it, but I decided to eat it anyway. When I opened it I saw it was just 2 pieces of bread and a note that said: “You suck Kyle.” © Kyle27LIT / Twitter
  • Not to brag or anything, but I just put 7 pairs of socks in the laundry and got the same 7 pairs back from the dryer. © OtterGoddessKel/ Twitter
  • I saw a woman take her bra off walking down the street today. She appeared fine/not distressed etc. Her dress was loose-fitting. She just slam took her bra off in 38-degree weather, put her windbreaker back on, and stuffed the bra in her purse. Today...I saw freedom. © seabethree/ Twitter
  • I can grab stuff with my toes, mainly my big toe and the one next to it. My friends and I usually call them monkey toes and I have decent strength in the grip too. © Self_Disappointment / Reddit
  • My superpower is being able to sleep with my eyes open while listening to stories about the good and bad behavior of toys. © MadhaviJhawar / Twitter
  • Not me secretly using my sister’s rosewater spray and filling the bottle with water so she doesn’t notice. © eresuninutil_ / Twitter
  • I have a near-perfect internal clock and can usually fall asleep and wake up without setting anything. It works for specific times (making myself wake up at 6 or 5 AM, etc) or duration. Doesn’t work as well if I’m super sick or in a state of super extreme exhaustion though. © allupinspace / Reddit
  • Just came out of B&Q, tried to unlock my car, and it wouldn’t unlock! So tried again and nothing... Then I realized to my horror, it wasn’t my car! As I was thinking: “OMG I hope no one noticed,” a woman leaned out of her car window and shouted: “Your car’s over there, babe.” © LouiseProud3/ Twitter

What special talents do you have?

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Preview photo credit Kyle27LIT / Twitter


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