14 People That Had an Epic Fail Because They Lacked Focus

4 years ago

According to scientists, our brain can memorize up to about 2.5 petabytes of data. For comparison, this is the same as if you saw and memorized about 25 billion photos on Facebook. But even though our brains have such an amazing capacity, we can still forget why we’ve just walked into a room or try to figure out where our phone is while talking on it.

We at Bright Side have also been in funny situations where we forgot about something, but our stories can’t compare to the ones that online users shared.

  • I always take my shirt off after my shoes when I get undressed. So there I was, at around 4:30 in the morning, headed through security to fly across the country for a festival. I’m nowhere close to awake and I’m totally running on autopilot. I’m throwing my stuff on the conveyor, I take my shoes off, and I started to take my shirt off, and the TSA lady was like, “Slow down sir, we just met.” © FragsturBait / reddit

  • My wife did something funny. She took her cell phone to get serviced and forgot about it. She was using her old one. And she loves taking photos of everything and posting them on Instagram. So, she kept doing it, but with her old phone and completely forgot about the other one. So, the repair guy decided to take action after 2 weeks of waiting. He saw that my wife was an active Instagram user and started posting photos on her account: noodles, weird socks, and stuff like that.
    So, I get a call from our mutual friend that is subscribed to my wife’s account. She asked me if everything was alright and tells me all about the photos and posts. I asked my wife and she forgot about her phone and said it’s probably a virus or something. But the service guy didn’t give up and kept posting photos of his workshop saying, “I’m waiting for you here, my love.” So, finally, my wife remembered about her cell. © bizon36 / Pikabu

  • Before going to sleep, I wanted to listen to an audiobook with my headphones. I took a nap and woke up after 10 minutes. I forgot that I was listening to a book and I was so scared by the reader’s voice that I screamed, “Who’s here?!” My boyfriend was rolling on the floor laughing. © Podslyshano / Twitter

“My girlfriend bought this very attractive Easter egg for me, which I then left in the Sun.”

  • I’d had a difficult day and I decided to take a taxi home. I was expecting a white Prius. 10 minutes later, a white Prius comes to my office and I get into it without even checking the license plate. The driver smiled and started going. When we were near my home, I asked how much I owed for the ride and it turned out that I had gotten into the wrong car. It was some guy who had pulled over to drink some coffee, but I looked really tired so he decided to take me home. He wouldn’t take any money. There are kind people in this world! © Elenstoyn / Pikabu
  • I used to work at the airport and got used to yelling the words, “Next please!” a lot. One week, I was working really long shifts and was pretty tired. I decided to stop at McDonald’s on my way home from work and went through the drive-through. When I stopped to tell them my order, I yelled “NEXT PLEASE!” into the speaker. © Etchisketchistan / reddit
  • I wanted to eat, started to cook, and dropped a jar of flour on the floor. Of course, I used a vacuum cleaner. And of course, I forgot that my vacuum has a water filter. Now, I don’t have water, I have dough inside the vacuum. © Podslyshano / Twitter

“It was 60 and sunny yesterday. Forgot to put the top back up.”

  • I was feeling an encroaching sickness coming on one time, so I decided to be proactive and make myself a couple of days’ worth of the most amazing chicken soup I could manage. I chopped the carrots and onions, I stewed the chicken bones, and I cooked that stuff down for 8 hours into the most delicious stock you could imagine. Then I poured it all through a colander and into the sink. © Portarossa / reddit

  • I will never forget how I wanted to make myself beautiful on International Women’s Day. I went to search for the curling iron that I don’t use often. I found it on the windowsill behind the curtain. I grabbed it and it was on — it was hot! I remembered when I used it last time and realized it was before my wedding — 4 months ago! It had been on for 4 months! Wow, I’m lucky. © Muamar2 / Pikabu

“Someone forgot their bag full of groceries.”

  • I was about 10 years old when my mom sent me to a village to visit her uncle. We had a long connection and waited for about 12 hours. We were in the waiting area, and we put our things next to us. I think my uncle was bored, so he went for a walk and told me he would call my mom, and that I was supposed to wait.
    1, 2, 3 hours later, he didn’t’ come back. Then 5 hours. I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t because I had to watch over our stuff. There was a couple in front of me and the woman wanted to help me so we called the police. I was almost ready to go back to my mom, when my uncle returned. I ran to him for a hug and we went to his village.
    When I got back home, my mom was shocked. My uncle never called her. And my mom decided to ask him what he was so busy with. He said he was bored, he decided to go for a walk, went to a cafe, and then went to a museum. He forgot about me until he saw my tickets in his passport. © Kolotuha / Pikabu

  • Washed an apple in the sink. I dried it with a paper towel. I turned and tossed the apple in the trash and stood there holding the towel trying to understand what I had done wrong. © optcynsejo / reddit

  • I was waiting in line at a cash register and there were 3 people in front of me: an old lady, a woman, and a man. First, the old woman forgot an eggplant. We caught up with her and returned it to her. We all agreed, “Yeah, being old is tough.” Then the woman forgets her card. The man laughs, “Women are so forgetful.” Then he pays, takes his products, and leaves. Without his wallet. © ImirRude / Pikabu

What interesting situations have happened to you when you forgot something?

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