12 People Who Faced an Incredibly Repulsive Situation

3 months ago

We’ve all experienced cringeworthy situations, but some are so disgustingly unforgettable that they’re permanently etched into our memories. Whether it’s a repulsive sight or a nauseating food we’ve consumed, these moments stick with us. Today, we’ve gathered some of the most surprising experiences people have ever had and couldn’t resist sharing them online.

  • I was a server at a nice steakhouse. A lady came and ordered drinks and two to-go boxes full of ice. Strange request, but okay.
    I brought the drinks and the boxes full of ice. I came back to the table a few minutes later, and the boxes were nowhere to be seen, until my coworker pointed them out.
    To my horror, she had taken off her shoes and socks and had her bare feet in the boxes of ice, at the table, in the middle of a full dining room. © TheF***NameYouWant / Reddit
  • While changing the bag in the kitchen trash bin, the bin lifted from the floor momentarily and then slammed back to the ground, catapulting an ancient, crusty chunk of indistinguishable crud from the bottom of the bin in a perfect arc... directly into the back of my mouth and down my throat. I still gag thinking about it. © AcuteMtnSalsa / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, I would stay with my great grandma and great aunt sometimes. It was a super hot day in South Georgia and I had been playing outside pretty fast and furious and became parched. So I went inside, and I opened the refrigerator door and saw Apple Cider. So, I grabbed the bottle, opened it and took a really big swig.
    I missed the third word in the title on the bottle: Vinegar© crf3rd / Reddit
  • As a child, while my mom was making bacon, she poured the bacon grease into a paper cup. Coincidentally, I had some juice in a similar paper cup nearby. So, when I went to get my juice, I unknowingly grabbed the cup containing bacon grease and took a huge gulp without looking.
    The sensation of partially congealed grease entering your mouth when you were expecting grape juice is not pleasant for a toddler. © necronic / Reddit
  • A homeless man arrived at our hospital with an abdominal abscess. We were trying to clean his wound and assess the damage, and when we reached inside, we were horrified to find that he had been hiding his money there. He nonchalantly stated that he kept his money tucked in there to protect it from being stolen. © DyingLion / Reddit
  • When my grandfather died, we cleaned out his house. I had to clean the fridge. I found an old mustard package that was completely black and had expired roughly 30 years ago. © cbury / Reddit
  • Back in college, my roommate and I got a pie to celebrate the start of the semester. We had some, then put it on top of the fridge for later. We put some other stuff up there that hid the pie, and we forgot about it.
    At the end of the school year, we were going through things, and I found the pie. Luckily, it was in a box. A box with a see-through top. It didn’t smell at all, but after six months, there was an entire ecosystem thriving in there. All the colors imaginable. Just as fascinating as it was disgusting. © greenfootballs / Reddit
  • I was making some hot chocolate. The jar of chocolate powder I had in the cupboard was quite old but looked fine. I put some in my mug and started boiling some milk.
    However, I noticed the chocolate powder was sticking to the sides of the glass jar, which seemed unusual to me. So, I took my teaspoon and stirred the powder in the jar, only to reveal maggots wriggling around. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I bought a pack of powdered donuts from a questionable convenience store. Hours later, I took a bite of one. It tasted awful.
    Unfortunately, I swallowed some. Looked at the package, and it said «glazed». It was white mold. I threw up. © BearishOyster / Reddit
  • I was in a business meeting once where a guy got bored and started trimming his nasal hair right in the meeting room. I was just a little stunned. © coh_phd_who / Reddit
  • I got an armpit infection last summer that turned into an abscess and popped. The smell was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced, and I work with dogs. I was out of commission for pretty much all of July, ended up on two antibiotics, and had to get q-tips shoved into the wound multiple times. © shialebeeftacos / Reddit
  • When I was a young teen, I was outside on the trampoline in blistering heat. I was very thirsty, so I ran inside to the downstairs fridge to grab a 1L orange juice box with those plastic flip-open lids. I whipped it open and started chugging it.
    However, I noticed some chunks and pulled it away from my mouth, only to discover that the entire inner part of the lid was filled with green mold. The orange juice was also about 50% mold. © ADomeWithinADome / Reddit

If you’re up for more cringe-inducing tales, including a particularly revolting incident at a potluck, be sure to give this article a read.


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